11 November 2012

Jumily Double Eyelash Case - Flag Review

These cases are just so cute!!! I prefer these over the Dolly Wink cases since they don't take up as much room + there are two compartments to it.

I bought this along w/ other lash products in THIS POST.

They come in 4 designs. All pretty cute & girly... but personally, I do not like the flower one.

I actually wanted the doll case but the shop only had the flower & flag case, I chose the flag case. I'll most likely buy the doll & heart cases if the shop has it next time 

The case comes with a pair of lashes. As you can see, they are very thin and natural. Not my cup of tea. It would be good to stack with other lashes... to add length. They are fairly long.

Top compartment, just opens, as for the bottom compartment, you have to twist to open it. In a way it's good, but at times I feel like I'm going to drop my lashes when I untwist it to open. The second compartment has two compartments, so if you have two different types or lashes you can keep them separated ^^

Dolly Wink's compartments are separated like this
Everything is in one place, but there is a gap when you close the case... the lashes can easily be switched around & get all mixed up.

Size comparison. As you can see how big the Dolly Wink case compared to the Jumily case. Size wise, Dolly Wink is good if you tend to use alot of lashes. I only put one or two pairs of lashes in my case, which are ones I'm currently using.

Packaging: Very cute design on the top. The rest of it is black.
Plastic, but feels more sturdy compared to Dolly Wink's. The plastic isn't as flexible like the Dolly Wink case. Luckily there's a small divider or the lashes could easily be damaged if something smooshed the case. It's hard and I feel that my lashes are more safe.

Size: Small, & compact. Fits anywhere, even in small pant pockets.

Rating: ❀❀❀❀❀/5
I love this case for it's size & designs. There's 4 choices, unlike Dolly Wink's, which only give you the pink/black polka dot or the plain purple case. The lashes are separated.. Top lashese on top, bottom lashes on bottom. They don't get mixed up.

Lash Rating: /5
Too natural... I dislike lashes like these. Nothing much I can say about them. I mean they are long so if you need to add length to your eyes then they are okay. I tried them out, when I went to a friend's baby shower, I used mascara on them in order for them to be noticeable. They blend very well with my lashes.

What do you think about the Jumily Eyelash cases 
Which one would you buy?
More reviews coming soon!

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  1. Oh i never see the point in buying a eyelash case. It's just plastic with like Dolly Wink or another brand name on it xD I just store my lashes back in the container they come in xD I think the dolly wink one is more appealing though. The other one seems really plain and boring ;-;

    1. I travel alot. My work & school are both at least 1 hour away from where I live. I take most of my makeup with me. Without an eyelash case, the containers easily get smashed & the lashes get ruined.

      Dolly Wink's case is cheaper material in comparison to Jumily's. I prefer Jumily's since they have cuter designs & are smaller, but still with alot of room to store lashes.

  2. *o* awwwww!!! the eyelash case looks really good!!!!! wish I could get it at my local Japanese market T__T! cause as you say the dolly wink case has a gap and my lashes often mix T___T!! plus it only has 2 compartments >.>!
    But yeah the lashes don't look that good XD! I'll have to stack like 3 pairs for them to be visible XDD!

    1. It is! I'm really liking this case ♥ Awww You shud try asking them to order it? They might get it for you.
      Lol. The lashes are terrible... I think you can only use it once or twice max because of how thin the lashes & band is xD


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