27 April 2012

♨ Super Freakin Sad & Pissed ♨

LOOK at my baby sleeping!!! 

On Thursday, April 26th my dog was attacked by the neighbor's dog behind us.
Their dog had bitten through the fence & came after our dog...
My dog, Julie (8 yrs old going onto 9) was yelping and couldn't get up. As soon
as the other dog saw me, it dashed back to it's house... That dog could of killed both
my dogs since mine are both small...


Julie was screaming so loud it broke my heart.... I was soo afraid, but at the
same time pissed off. WTF!!!! Well, I had to take her to the vet the next day since they were closed at the time the incident happened (no there is no emergency pet hospital).

I gave her brown belt bracelet so she would have a part of me with her... 
She doesn't like strangers and I know it was very hard for her to be handled by the vet & nurses. I wore the black & white one on each of my wrists.

I couldn't stop shaking as I was in the pet hospital... I was so

My appt was @ 10:30 at the Abby Pet Hospital here where I live.
I had to wait soooo long just to get called and then wait another 30 min to 1 hour
for the vet to actual come see us.... WTF!!!!!!!!!!

I'm extremely freaking out since I hate hospitals of all kinds and my baby was in soooo much pain!
When the vet was touching her, Julie was shaking and started to get aggressive cuz of the pain.
The vet made her scream and I couldn't hold back my tears!
I was already scarred & nervous as it was... now it just got worse.

The vet said she has to sedate Julie and run some tests & do x-rays on her... 5 views!!!
OMG! I knew that was gonna cost me, since I used to take vet classes... X-rays are
no jokes! I had to leave her at the hospital for 3 hours.... I couldn't even sit still!
I was so nervous...

Then the hospital called. They were done & I could go pick her up...
Well... it took 30 minutes before I could be called, then it took another 30 or so minutes
to see the vet & go over the x-rays and stuff. The vet only had bad news... AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
She said Julie has CRUCIATE LIGAMENT RUPTURE in the right knee.
It's NEEDED and I am going to find a way to pay for it one way or another.
OMG! WTF am I gonna do?! My parents are gonna flip... I haven't even been able
to settle my mom's & dad's medical bills and now this.
At this point I'm ready to just break down and die.

The visit today was "just" $326.38 which I paid w/ a credit card -__-
The hospital thinks that is fuckin cheap... It isn't!

Well I talked to the neighbor about it and they don't have the funds for it... they
are having financial issues as it is so they contacted their insurance...
The were supposed to reimburse me for the vet visit, but now I have to wait for the insurance
to settle everything... PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now.. I just have to explain all this shit to my ill parents & hope for the fuckin

Here are some more pics of my baby!

She was still drowzy after the sedation ... She CAN'T sleep
in her usual comfortable position cuz it hurts her (∩︵∩) 

Look at her all wrapped up and sleeping! >o<

Awwww she opened her eyes! That's why I didn't use flash.
She was mad at me when she finally snapped out of the sedation... she would allow me
to touch her cuz I left her to strangers.... took me an hour to coax her.

It made me sooo happy to see her accepting me again & then lick me ♥♥♥
Ugh! But for sure I can't rest until things are settled. Even now... I'm still shaking.
But I've calmed down a bit now since she's gotten home ☺
I really hope things will go well.
Ganbatte!!!! I have to get through this!

I know this post may sound dramatic to some, but you won't understand
unless you have something that you really love & need. Bye for now.

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