06 April 2012

アマザラシ & ヘブンズ・フラワー

Amazarashi アマザラシ

Album: アノミー
Release: 2011
Tracks: 6
Genre: Rock, Alternative

Track list:
01 アノミー (anomie)
02 さくら (sakura)
03 理想の花 (risou no hana)
04 ピアノ泥棒 (piano dorobo)
05 おもろうて悲しき東口 (omoroute kanashiki hagashiguchi)
06 この街で生きている (kono machi de ikireiru)

I LOVE the cover of their album! Very different & creative.
Here's the MV for アノミー
It is also the OST for Heaven's Flower ~ The Legend of Arcana ヘブンズ・フラワー

I found out about this band after I started watching ヘブンズ・フラワー Heaven's Flower.
The song アノミー quickly caught my attention. The guitars, drums, the piano, and Hiromu Akita! His voice *O*
I'm in love with his deep voice!!!
If you like Japanese alternative and rock, then I think you will LOVE this band. 

Hiromu Akita - Vocals, Guitars
Manami Toyokawa - Keyboard
Yoshiaki Dewa - Guitars, Programming, Arrangements
Yoshihiro Kawamura - Drums
Daisuke Suzuki - Bass
Makoto Ideue - Guitars

Listening to this song.. it is very fit for the drama.  アノミー... It's when a person questions their existence and reject themselves from the social norm. In other words, a person who is (figuratively) lost. It occurs when one is distressed and saddened.

As you can see in the MV and if you understand Japanese. You can feel the sadness and
the pain of the song. Being lost, being unable to move forward, and not wanting to believe in the things you once believed in. This song truly describes how I feel at times. The instruments accompany  Hiromu's voice and doesn't over power it.

ヘブンズ・フラワー Heaven's Flower

Genre: Futuristic, romantic, mystery
Episodes: 8
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-14 to 2011-Mar-04

Kawashima Umika as Ai
Araki Hirofumi as Manaka Yuichiro
Ayano Go as Shion
Nakano Yuta as Naruki
Taketomi Seika as Ran

Well... on to the drama. The story is set in 2060, 58 years from now in Japan. An experiment that went wrong, cause Japan to become infertile and no flowers are able to grow anymore. Although most of Japan is being rebuilt, District 7 is left uncared for and people are suffering.

The story revolves around a young assassin, Ai. She is a cruel and emotionless assassin. She works under an organization "Last Garden".  She relentlessly kills her targets and as she was working, she ran into a young detective, Manaka. After meeting each other, Ai's heart starts to soften and open up to him. Her days as an assassin start to change...

Watch the drama to find out what happens :P

5/5 Amazarashi Album
I love all the tracks & listen to it often. But I wished there were instrumentals for this album :/
5/5 Drama
I really enjoyed the drama... although there were some parts that I wanted to add/change,
I still give it full credit because I still really enjoyed it.
Another reason is because I love Araki & Ayano ♥♥♥

LMAO... I guess I like guys w/ long hair xD

If you've seen the drama... What did you think? Good? Bad?
Leave your feedback ^.^

Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧

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