21 April 2012

☮ 빨간 머리 ~ Red Hair ☮

Omma had the great idea to dye my hair today. She chose red!!! And I mean RED!

If you guys haven't noticed by now... my mom is a licensed cosmetologist and I'm following
her footsteps... in a way. It's more of a hobby for me, but for her it's her career.

Pic of me before getting my hair dyed.
Hair was two toned; Blonde & Medium Brown

Current hair color: RED


Excuse my dark circles,  bags & ugly skin!
I have been really stressed out and I barely get 2-3 hours of sleep a day.

What do you gals/guys think? Yes or No?

Red .. .it was a bit shocking, but I'm liking it!
That's it for this post.

Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧

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