05 April 2012

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MUFE HD Foundation + Drugstore HAUL

On Friday March 30th, my friends and I went to the movies to go see Hunger Games.
The movie was pretty good and we had fun.  After the movies we went to Panera Bread,
went for a walk, and took a friend to work(she works at the mall).
Sadly no pic since my phone was dying :(
My friend Shoua and I decided to go walking around the mall before heading home. 
Sephora was one of our stops :) So I decided to try out MUFE's HD Foundation.

I also went out to lunch w/ a couple of friends [April 5th]
We went to the Bagel Company, had lunch, chatted, then part ways after
a few months of not seeing each other.

First, there were 3 shades that I tried (118, 120, & 123).
120 & 123 both blended very well into my skin and both looked good, but 120 has a
more pinkish undertone to it as 123 has an olive undertone. At the end I bought 123 Desert.
Everyone I know that uses the HD foundation love it so I'm happy that it's the first foundation
that I bought.

I used to be alot darker and my shade would have been a 155 or 160. Thank goodness
to all the whitening products I have been using. Took me about 5-6 months to get this light
by using 7 or so whitening products. [NO I did NOT use bleach.]

I decided to buy the MUFE HD Complexion Starter Kit instead of just the foundation by
itself. The kit comes with a small kabuki brush, HD finishing powder, & the HD primer.
All of it was $79 + tax = $85.30
Not bad at all! :)

Sorry about the stupid flash glare from my phone :/

HD primer (0.05 fl oz)
HD Powder (0.17 oz)

I think it's a pretty good kit. I don't wear foundation on a daily bases... Sometimes
I just got to school w/ just my eye makeup done & that's it.
Drugstore Haul [Walgreens] !!!

I bought the two-pack contact solution :)
It was about $18

2 EOS Lip Balms
Summer Fruit & Strawberry Sorbet (my favs)
They were 2 for $6

L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascaras
I heard good things about both of them. I originally was going to buy one, but there
was a buy one get one half off sale, so yeah! I got both!

As you can see, the tubes are very simply designed.
Have you gals tried these mascaras? Did you like them?

I also bought Milani's Infinite Eye Liner in Black (repurchase) &
Rimmel's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Defiiner (Black) & Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil (White)
It was also a buy one get one half off for Rimmel products.

If you don't know already, I really love the Milani Infinite Eyeliner! It's the only liner that will  last on the outer corner of my eyes & on my bottom lash line.
As for the Rimmel products, I never tried them, so I'll have to see if they'll last on my eyes.

Even though I said I won't spend anymore money... I ended up doing so... *sigh*
At least I can use these things :D

Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧

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