03 March 2013

Sweetheart Voxbox 2013 [Review - LONG Post]

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. *

* Everything I wrote was my OWN opinion. I was in no way sponsored or paid by the company to do this *

Stress Response Antiperspirant/Deodorant
1.6 oz (45 g)
Serence Citrus Scent

- clinically proven, prescription strength wetness protection
- odor-fighting capsules that absorb odor
- skin smoothing conditioners

First I must say that this product SMELLS REALLY GOOD! The smell is stronger than most deodorants, but in a good way. 

The size of this product that I have is the regular/original size. Easy to stick in your purse or bag. This might look like a gel formula, but it is a SOLID white formula. I found it kinda weird how the product comes out.

DOES IT WORK? Well, it works like all other deodorants. Not as SPECIAL as it says it is.
If you are going to school or going out for a couple of hours it is good. It does what it's supposed to. Get's rid of odor & sweat. But if you are doing something that cause you to sweat ALOT, then you are going to have to reapply this a couple of times. In other words, it's a NO if you are exercising or out all day in humid/hot weather. 

Well... still a good smelling deodorant. LOL

{She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray}
-infused with Apple Blossom & Bamboo-
2 oz. (56 g) Trial Size


for a FULL SIZE 8 oz.
Retail Price: around $5 USD
depends on where you purchase it

I really like this hairspray. The weather is getting warmer & the wind is stronger, so I need to use more hairspray. With this product I don't use much an my hair still stays in place. It also holds my tease very well.

I like this type of nozzle better than the skinny cylinder nozzles. The product doesn't leak or run during/after spraying it into the hair. The smell of course can be pretty strong since it is hairspray, but it's not as ALCOHOL-EY like most hairsprays. 

FYI: You should always be in a well ventilated room when using hairspray. The fumes can be overwhelming, especially if you use alot.

I haven't heard of this brand & I'm glad I got to try this out. I will be purchasing this product in the future. I take this 2 oz bottle everywhere with me, just in case I need a bit more hold. This product can be purchased at most US drugstores. So it's easy to find.

I will post a pic of my hair when I used this product in an upcoming post ^.^

Olay Fresh Effects
{VA-VA-VIVID!} Powered Contour Cleaning System & {SHINE, SHINE GO AWAY!} Shine Minimizing Cleanser

Retail price : around $15 USD

I DO NOT like the rubber "brush" on the cleansing system. For my skin (sensitive), it really irritated me. My face became red after a couple of seconds. The directions for using the system says to use it for a minute but I couldn't. It felt like I was rubbing a piece of rough rubber on my skin.

I DO NOT recommend this for people w/acne or sensitive skin. It's fairly rough. This product would have been better if there were different brush heads or instead of thick rubber, the brush was a cleansing sponge. The brush DOES NOT come off so you can't change it. I like the size & packaging, but this product was a MISS.

I was looking forward to trying this out, since I really like Olay products.
I DO LIKE the Shine Minimizing Cleanser. After one use I felt my face & it was really smooth & NO SHINE like it says. I use this cleanser with a cleaning sponge or use my hands.

You might have to turn the volume up.

Skinnygirl On-the-Go Bars
180 Calories Per Bar
Natural - Kosher - High Fiber
The guilt-free indulgence bar
Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp
NET WT 1.6 oz

Retail Price: $12.99 USD
for a box of 5
-currently on sale for $9.99 USD-

Product Description:  Introducing NEW IMPROVED On-the-Go Bars- Certified Gluten-Free
One box contains 5 bars at only 180 calories per bar. The bars are natural, kosher, and NOW high in fiber! All bars now have MORE protein & MORE fiber, LESS sugar & LESS carbs! They still make a great on-the-go snack or afternoon snack that is guilt-free! They are the perfect indulgent treat for individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The taste was okay. A bit tarty + sweet. I don't really test/eat these types of bars. I must say I do like this flavor though. I love eating Greek yogurt with granola + fruits, but can't really taste the Greek yogurt nor the blueberries much. 

The nutrition you get from this bar is almost like any other fiber bars.

I think all these products can be purchased at any local (US) drugstore, Walmart, and/or Target.

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  1. Aww, I got excited when I saw the Olay cleansing brush and then you said it reddened your skin >_<

    Definitely not something I could use then T_T

    Thanks for the reviews~!

    1. I was really excited when I got it too, until I tried it out. Like I said... if the brush head was different I would be love it. But the rubber brush really irritated my face.

      It might work differently for you tho. If you want I can send you it to try so you don't have to buy it.

      No prob ^^


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