31 March 2013

FOTD [2013년 3월 31일]

Hey loves! 
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After 3 washes, My hair has gotten a bit lighter. 
Simple makeup for today.
I hate how the lashes tend to fall back down...
Can never get the lashes to show up well in pics. 

Camwhoring... I'm starting to like my new hair color, altho it was a mistake.
I guess I will keep it ^.^

Need to work on my brows sum more... they are still trying to grow back.

Makeup w/out lenses... to plain! 

[Update] For those who are wondering how I got this color,
I used Gatsby Aqua Silver + a dark blue + a dark indigo/purple to get this color. 
In good lighting, you can see bits of blue & purple in it.

BEFORE I was a platinum - lightest ash blonde. In order to get this silver/grey you
will have to get your hair extremely light also & remember to tone it first.
The silver/grey will not work if your hair is orangey... it will turn into a nasty green color.


  1. holy crap, your hair is amazing!!

  2. How did you achieve the hair color? O__O I mean before you used Gatsby? Did you bleach it?
    Anyhow, it looks amazing. I wish I had the guts to dye my hair!


    1. Hi Sally,
      I was a platinum/really light ash blonde before going silver.grey.
      In order to get this color, your hair will have to be almost platinum.
      Thank you <3
      You can do it ^^ It'll take some planning, but I'm sure you'll be
      able to. Start off with natural colors then upgrade ^^

  3. It's a lovely colour and I think you're pulling this off well! :)

    I want my hair brown and I am on the search of a good dye :P

    1. Hi Huong,
      Thank you so much =^-^=
      Oh I hope you find the brown dye you are looking for!


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