19 March 2013

♡ 갸루 눈 메이크업 & 머리 ♡

Just a little update on my eyemake & hair color.

My simple gyaru eye makeup.
Just a lil' collection of my eyemake from the past couple of weeks or so.

lenses: EOS Ice in brown
diameter: 14.8 mm
 top lashes: Diamond Lash Angel Eye + outer half of Eyemazing #501
bottom lashes: Diamond lash Princess Eye

lenses: EOS Ice in purple/violet
diameter: 14.8 mm
top lashes: Diamond Lash Angel Eye
bottom lashes: Diamond Lash Princess Eye cut into 3 pieces
I personally like cutting up the lashes because they are a bit stiff & do not curve as well.

ㅎㅎㅎ 눈이 커보여! 

lenses: Diamond Series in black (idr what brand these are)
diameter: 15 mm
top lashes: Diamond Lash Angel Eye + Eyelash Labratory 002
bottom lashes: Diamond Lash Sweet Eye

From this week...

(grrrrrrrrrr.... hate the lighting in one of my rooms... sore yellow/orangey)
This is a bit more dramatic, I ended up drawing the eyeliner in the inner corner.
I like it...would've have looked better if the top lashes were more dramatic.

no lenses... I rest my eyes from lenses at least 1-2 a week.  
Here you can see how big/small my eyes are.
top lashes: Diamond Lash Angel Eye
bottom lashes: Diamond Lash Baby Eye

헐~~~ 아이쿠!!!!!!!! 내 머리가 생겼어!!!!!!

NOW onto my hair!!!!!!!!!
I've been letting my hair grow out w/out any bleaching or dying for about 2 months. I was dreading it since my roots were so ugly. Finally I got to do my roots.
Hair before bleaching... my roots & part of my hair was a bit orangey/brown& the lighting makes it look worse than it is... In person it wasn't that bad except for my natural roots coming out.

It's not a platinum blonde.... more of a light ash blonde tone. Woot woot! So happy with the outcome. I am going to tone it again later this week or so. I have a sensitive scalp so it needs to rest.


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your diamond lashes!!! And that blonde<3

  2. Love your collection of falsies :)

    And wow, the light ash blonde looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Tulip <3
      Took a bit of work to get it to this point ^^


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