24 March 2013

ღ HELLO bear ღ

So I'm guessing this is a new snack from SunFat.
I never saw this at the asian stores so I decided to pick it up. It was about $3.50USD at the store I bought it from. The cost may be a bit more or less depending on where you get it.

[FYI: SunFat is the same company that makes YanYans & Hello Panda]

I'm guessing this is supposed to be the exact same as Hello Panda... idk... The panda is so much cuter!
Rather than a bear... it looks more like a Koala. lolz
Whatever~ These are still delicous. Taste exactly like the Hello Pandas >.> so I don't see why they renamed/made this one

But as you can see... the calories are ridiculous 
One big box like this comes with 10 bags in it. Each with almost 500 calories! Oh lord!
That's as bad as a tall caramel frapp from starbucks!

Have you lovelies tried these before? Which snacks do you like the best?


  1. This looks delicious~ I want to eat it all! Haha!

    1. It is ^^
      hahaha I want to eat it all too.
      The bags are so small & I swear it'll be gone in a day or two.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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