08 March 2013

Random Post ~ Photography

Even though I've been blogging for a little while now, I still can't seem to find the RIGHT angles to take pics (especially full body pics/ pics of items). For my photography class, we had a project where we had to take pics of objects/subjects that represented something, example "blue" or "sleepiness". It was a photo scavenger hunt. 

With this project, my teacher wanted each of us to find things we "thought" represented his words & to also explore the features each of our camera's had. For my project I used my Canon Powershot s95. Though it is a point-n-shoot camera, it has some of the abilities DSLR's have. I can choose manual or auto and mess with all of the settings to customize how I take pics. I'm still trying to get used it... 

And in this post, I just wanted to share some pics I took ^^

 My doggie, Julie (lol) & SLEEPINESS

Pic of an old factory for THE PAST & WATER ON SOMETHING ... lol. Simple. 

MORNING... I wake up to this every morning ^^



(Some of these pics were taken when I was on my way to SF.) 

And a pic of a pretty pretty rose in the front of my house ^^
Working hard to take decent photos.
AND here's just a vid of my dogs xD

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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