29 March 2013

Hair Update!!!

I wanted a dark bluish purple tint, but I left it in a bit too long... Now all my blonde is gone.
Oh lawdy!!! In real life it's a dark bluish-grey. I've gotten lots of compliments... but IDK.
I guess it'll take some time to get used to it...

Oh yeah... if you haven't noticed, I made a "upcoming post" banner. What do ya think?
I'm really bad at graphics & IDK how to edit, so I think it was pretty good for a beginner xD

Here's a little video about hair chalk. I think it's pretty cute.
The hair stylist is pretty funny. Eugene (ex-member of SES my fav group) is one of the hosts.
The stylists outfit is a bit too much, but I personally think it's cute. He shud have taken the cape off. LOL


  1. Lovely colour ^^ I love it!!
    I would prefer a nice lilac colour ^^

    Emi x

    1. Thank you!!! <3
      I love Lilac & used to have lilac hair, but it never lasts more than 2 weeks :(
      I think lilac would be such a cute color on you ^^

  2. The banner is very cute.
    I love the new hair colour, you suit it :3


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