27 July 2012

Studded Pants & Deco

I've decided to make my own studded/destroyed jeans + studded shorts.
I've bought many before & the prices range from $60-$100 or even more if you are a plus sized girl like I am.

The pants are from Maurices, they were for $40. I also put a little bit of studs on a pair of cheap black shorts I got from Walmart to experiment with. I did save some money and it turned out not as bad as I thought it would xD

Just used:
100 gold metal square studs 8mm (pants & shorts)
tweezers/pliers, to push in the teeth on the back of the studs.
Chains I randomly had... Also little coin pendents from old necklaces I never used.

I cut/tore up random places on the jeans. There are 2 big tears & 4 smaller ones, which my crappy cam did not capture (─▽─')

I didn't studd them all the way down. If I wear boots I end  up shoving them into the boots or
I roll them up if I'm wearing sandals with them. I haven't worn these yet... still looking for a cute top to go with it.

I also bleached parts of it, as you can barely see, the white/lighter parts of the pants are from bleach, I'm still deciding if I stud bleach the legs of the jeans... what do you guys think?

I just did an upside down cross on the right back pocket & a strip of studs on the left back pocket.
Nothing much/fancy. I just wanted to see how it would turn out... not bad. My hands kinda hurt after doing the pants + shorts, but it's worth it.

I never wear shorts, but I might wear these since I did take the time to stud them...

I deco-ed 5 little plastic jars. These were the left overs, the others I put eyeshadow/blush in them already. 

\(^▽^)/ Am very happy with the results. I haven't decided if I want to sell these, keep them, or give them away, yet.... So hard to decide (=ω=;)

✪ Chanel, Roses, Monukuro Boo, Pearls, Rhinestones, Whip Cream ✪

Well... Thanks for stopping by!
See ya next time! 

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