17 July 2012

Hiatus & Update ✎✎✎

Sorry everyone for the hiatus.

Life hasn't been interesting & I've been at my aunt & uncles house visiting. My uncle was in a car accident a few years ago & damaged his brain as well as his body.
He is unable to to do much on his own. My aunt has to be by his side 24/7. So I'm visiting them, helping them with; grocery shopping, paying bills, clothes shopping, cleaning, cooking, whatever I can to help them out.

This summer has been somewhat boring in comparison to other summers, but in a way it's still been fun, as well as kind relaxing. Not much to worry/stress about. Hanging out with friends here & there, doing bits of shopping, experimenting on some projects for future posts & listening to music like always xD

Note for my penpals:
I do receive your letters. I have the post office hold them
& I go pick them up. Rest assure, I will reply a.s.a.p 。◕ ‿ ◕。 

Nothing interesting will prolly happen until mid August when Fall Semester starts for me.

Julie's Update:
Julie has been doing great since her sugery. She's now walking on all fours
and playing w/ her little sister, Genie (◕‿◕✿)
Her appetite is now back to her usual.
She's eating properly as well as actually taking her meds.
The other day she wrestled my dad to the ground XD
Such a mischievous little brat! ♥

Autumn Gyaru Meet:
BouncyBrown organized a local gyaru meet-up for Sept 8th
in JapanTown San Francisco. Luckily, I will be able to attend this time ♥
I've been wanting to meet up with her & PinkSugarIchigo, but my schedule never works out.
I'm really looking forward to this meet.

♥ Simple & Sparkly 

I had some light grey denim snake skin print fabric laying around.
I decided to get back into sewing & do DIY projects in the future.
I hand sewed this bow w/in 30 minutes. It was kinda hard since I haven't sewn
in a long time. What do you think?? 

Not very exciting right? lol
But that's it for now.
Thanks for stopping by. See ya next time!

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