07 July 2012

New Piercing *:・゚✧

Guess what?! Lol.
I got a new piercing. I only have three piercings which are on my ears, cuz I took my nose, snakebites, & tongue piercings out a while back.
I wanted to get my eyebrows pierced for a while now & decided to today (July 6th).

When I just got it pierced. LOL. The piercest was complimenting me on the wing makeup & she tried not to touch it/ smudge it. Super nice girl!
(click pics to enlarge)
** EXCUSE my ungroomed eyebrows. I had shaved them a few weeks ago & they are finally growing back. I will pluck & groom them after 2-3 weeks. **
Just finished cleaning it w/ salt water.
I decided to get the ring instead of the bar just cuz I like rings better. After it heals, I'll switch to a smaller ring or maybe a bar.

The piercing did not hurt at all. Took maybe 5 minutes?
I am very happy w/ it (。◕‿◕。) 
I kinda want anotha one xD


  1. LOVE IT!!! :3 If I were to get the piercing I would have gone for the bar. I find rings to be really annoying to remove and put on lol

    1. Thank you love! ^o^
      yeah i know. But I think rings are cute xD lol
      Plus won't be taking it off anytime soon.
      Gonna a least take 6-8 wks to heal. I'll change it
      to a bar then.


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