07 July 2012

Sally Hansen - Magnetic Nail Color

I had received a Summer Beauty VoxBox last week.
In the box was this nail polish. I got the color 903 Silver Elements.
It's always out of stock or unavailable at the stores nearby... gawwwsh. I want the other colors.
This nail varnish is $9.99

My nails have grown to a good length, so I'll show you how this varnish looks.
I didn't really have a theme or design I wanted to go with. It's just random xD

 (click pics to enlarge)

I didn't clean up the sides yet. The effect is pretty cool. I need to find the other colors :)

right hand
left hand
 (click pics to enlarge)

Lil' Update on Julie:
July 6th
Checkup & got her sutures taken removed.
Doctor said she's doing great, just finish off the meds and continue her rehab for 2 more months & if she needs it still, therapy.

lol... her naked/hairless butt!!! She was sleeping on the couch and I just had to snap a pic xD

Thanks for stopping by. See ya next time!

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