06 January 2014

♡ Birthday + New Nails ♡

Time has gone by so fast since I started blogging and met all sorts of wonderful people through it. This blog originally started in 2010, but then I closed it down & started it up in 2011. Went through a couple name changes & I got more into blogging.

I turned 23 on the 4th of January. 
I don't know if I just got past the partying stage or I'm just getting older, but I really don't feel like going out and drinking/getting as crazy as I would have like a couple years ago.
I would rather just go out w/ my dad & a few friends to eat & catch up on stuff.
I sound like a old lady don't I! lol.

Last week my aunt opened up a new salon & invited me to check it out.
We aren't blood related, but she's a really close friend of my mother's. They opened up recently, not sure if it was December or not.

It's so hard to find a good quality shop to do my nails, the style/way I want.
I'm so picky at times, but most of the nail techs I have tried never know exactly what they are doing. I like long nails, either square tipped or stilettos. I also like alot of bling or really pretty designs. 

The shop is called First Glance

They are open Monday-Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Closed on Sundays
Location75 Bullard Ave Ste 3
ClovisCA 93612
(559) 797-8128

(click on image to enlarge)

The pricing is affordable. They offer so much. The shop is not very big, but it's not small.
It's a comfy size. It's not crowded whatsoever.
The stylists/techs are very kind & easy to talk to.

On their business card, they offer a little service (freebie).
After doing 6 of their services (6 different visits), the 7th service ( for 1 service) is on them. I think that's very neat & nice of them to offer something like this to their loyal customers.

My nail tech was Lan.
I set up an appointment for Friday, the 3rd.
I had went in on Thursday, the 2nd to look at the shop & talk to the staff.

She is very sweet. Easygoing & knows a fairly good amount about Japanese fashion and nail styles. I told her I wanted stilettos & she pretty much knew what style I was into. It made it very comfortable & easy for me to get adjusted to her & the shop. If you have a picture or the design(s) you want you can show it to them & they can do it.

Them claws!!! LOL
Gunmetal black + shimmer + 1 rhinestone on each black nail
Very simplistic & love it!!!

If I get bored I can easily add a design or some 3D charms ^^

Jan. 3rd when my dad took me out to eat & when I did my nails.
It was fun hanging out & talking w/him.
I don't really like doing anything for my b-day... I just want to relax & hang out. lol
I used to want to party & such, but not as much anymore.

My friend & I. Her b-day was the 1st so we hung out on Saturday w/ a couple of family & friends at her sister's house.

 A cut if the delicious cake my dad had ordered for me. LOL
w/ ice cream! YUM YUM YUM

I'll end this post with a pic of me & my cousin's dog. LOL

I didn't take really any photos. Busy talking & taking care of kids most of the time +
my dad got sick the night of the 3rd. Poor thing! 

Had an awesome b-day weekend & loving my cat claws. LOL
I'll add designs to them later. I like them simple for now. 

Thank you everyone for the b-day wishes! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


  1. You're blog is so cute!!! And omg My birthday is Jan 4th as well!!! Happy belated birthday!!!! =]

  2. awww thank you Cindy! Happy belated birthday to you & your sis! Super sorry for the super late comment.


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