25 June 2012

Sickness & Pain *(╥﹏╥)* Update & A Little Surprise

I've been sick all week... and it seems like it's getting worse.
I have a head cold + sinus pressure. Both of my ears ache & so does my jaw.
I can barely hear anything + nose is stuffed up + constant migraine +
tired.... extremely drained. Been staying in bed, eating hot hot porridge, drinking
hot hot tea, and taking hot hot bathes although it's hot as hell!!! But whatever.
My ears feel like they are about to burst. It's rare for me to get sick, but when I do,
it's freakin awful. The sickness will last at least 2 weeks.
Having to take meds every 2-4 hours sucks. I hate pills & even worse syrup...
onto the other news.

As you know, my dog, Julie just had surgery on Wed. 20th & came home Thurs. 21st.
I've been doing rehab with her so her leg doesn't go stiff. She's doing pretty well w/it.
She moves her right hind leg on her own most of the time.
She takes the ice therapy pretty well too.

Only thing I have a problem w/ her is feeding her, her pills =___=
She is one smart little brat! I bought her favorite snacks + food + pill pockets
thinking that those would help w/ giving her the pills. Ha! Lies! lol.
After the first time hiding the pill in the food/snack, I can never do it again.
She knows! She's so damn good at finding the pill & spitting it out!
Now, my only choice is force feeding her the pill... sounds evil/bad, but it's not
as awful as it sounds. I just get her to open her mouth & toss the pill into the back
of her throat & coax her to swallow by rubbing her throat & done.
Sounds easy right? Ha! Takes me about 10 minutes to do that for 2 pills xD
She has a check up on Tues. 26th. Hopefully everything comes out okay.

Though so far the news have been somewhat sad & depressing, something
good happened today! I got a cute surprise from a friend, Erika {Lucky Juchan}
She's one of my penpals & beloved friends.

I sent her a little gift as well as a letter & she also sent me a little surprise o(≧ω≦)o
♥ She sent me a cutely written letter, an eyeshadow palette,
a pair of lashes, a nude lipstick, & a cute phone charm ♥
I love them! Can't wait to use them!

It's on my phone  ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

♥ She's such a sweet heart! ♥
Thank you again hun!

Thanks for coming bye See ya next time!


  1. YAY! I'm so happy you got 'em!
    And what a nice timing it was after a rough week..
    I hope you get better soon! Odaijinishite kudasai!

    I hope your dog will be fine too!!!

    1. \(^w^)/ Thank you love!
      Yes, super nice timing.
      Arigatou Erika-chan! Hai! Wakarimashita!

      Thankies. Doctor said she's doing
      really good ^^ In 9-10 days she
      can get her sutures taken off \(^v^)/


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