07 June 2012

✉ PENPALS - The First Wave ✉

So there was this great idea about Penpals on a facebook & I thought it was a great idea! This will be a great way for me to get to know the people who follow my boring life on here.

So there's Danyy @ Alternate Kei, & Chaudie, but I'm looking for more peeps that will be interested. I'll be hand writing letters and send little gifts w/ my letters.

WARNING: Each letter is going to deco'ed, stickered, or drawn on. So no complaints ok! I warned you xD Don't hate me if I don't always write alot. I'm not very good at starting conversations.
I'm somewhat broke & have alot of things I have to pay for so sorry if I only send you a letter.

If you are interested, please msg me @ My Facebook Page
or comment below w/ your email & I'll contact you.

The more the merrier!


  1. I saw a link to you on Chaudie's blog.. and i've been trying to get a penpal for forever and a half now oh gosh. So of course i'm really happy about this LOL

    So, my email is kagamikagamiie @ yahoo . com
    and my facebook is taryn kagamiie


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