12 June 2012


Hey Loves! How have you all been?
Lately on my free time/break I've been doing some deco projects.
In a post earlier I made a hime-inspired phone case for Chaudie and now I've made 3 deco cases for 3 of my penpals, my phone, and my iPod case.

Well onto the deco items!!!

First is my iPod. I have a 3rd Generation Pink Ipod Nano.
I had a iPod Touch, Classic, Nano 5th Generation, but I have alot of siblings xD so yeah. I was left w/ this one.

The theme for this one was sweets. Looks yummy! LOL
I added pearls & the rainbow rhinestones. Can't tell because of the bad lighting.

The front cover. Just pearls & the rhinestones. I also colored some of the whip cream w/ sheer pink glitter paint. (˘v˘•)

Time it took to finish = 30 min

Now, my phone. I deco-ed the actual back of my phone.
I don't use a case for it since it become a nuisance to me.
The color is sooooo UGLY!!!! (ಠ-ಠ)

I didn't put alot as you can see that some spots are not covered w/ the whip cream.
When you add the cabochans & deco pieces, the whip cream will get pushed/expand.

The theme for my phone is romance. On my first date, I recieved a plush bear & roses, so I thought about that. o(≧ω≦)o

Time it took to finish: 30-40 min

 Now onto the deco cases I made for 3 of my penpals.
They were originally lens cases, but the stuff were cheap plastic so I threw them out. They can be used for anything now.
They are all plastic cases. I only deco-ed the top.

They originally had these little characters on them. You can see them when you open them and look at the top xD

The cases didn't really have a theme. I kinda just did whatever to them that I liked. (。◕‿◕。)

This case is a light blue.

This case is a light pink.

This case is clear.
All three cases took about 1 hour to finish

After they have dried, I will send them out!
 What do you gals think?

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