21 June 2012

♥ My BooBoo's Update ♥

June 20th: Day of the SURGERY

Gawwwwwd I was freakin nervous. If you guys don't know already, I am very nervous when it comes to hospitals, even if it's not me who's getting a checkup or whatever. I just feel very weird/eery in places like this. I'm not scarred of needles, knives, or anything, it just makes me nervous.

The nurse says that she will at least be staying overnight w/ them... problem is, she's never been alone anywhere w/out me or my dad/mom. She get's very scarred & anxious. I know she's going to be in good hands, but I can't stop worrying about her. It's been 9 years now that I've had her. I got her when she was barely 3 weeks old. She's my little darling.

I wanted her to have her buddy, PenPen but they didn't allow it ಠ_ಠ

Ain't she cute?! She turned 9 yrs old on June 4th ♥

I had to wake up @ 6 a.m. to get ready
and make sure I get my wallet & documents for her. Then leave to get her at the vet's by 8 a.m.


I went to pick up my baybie at 12pm. Poor thing! She has a funnel (cone thingy)
on her so that she doesn't scratch/mess up her sutures & take off her med patch.
She needs to be mellow, but not depressed. No jumping, running, very little walking.
When I saw her I almost cried! She was whining & crying when she saw me.

 I was surprised the surgery & meds all together was only $1,800.

♥ I'm so happy she's home! Although it was a hard choice,
I know that I made the right choice for her to have this surgery.
My parents & I argued everyday until the surgery day. Omma didn't want
her to have the surgery cuz of the pain afterwards, but Appa & I wanted her to, or else
she won't be able to play or walk the way she used to. She's too cheerful & outgoing to
just sleep all day. ♥

She has 3 meds to take everyday. Cephalexin, Rimadyl, & Tramadol
for pain, swelling, & infection.

Genie (8 yrs old) waiting in the truck w/ Omma to see her big sis.
She was crying & whining becuz she was so excited to see her sis ♥

This is when I just got her... the vet brought her out & went over the meds/things I have
to do for her rehab. She's still drowsy from the anesthetics. She will be all day.

(  ゚,_ゝ゚) Look at her poor butt!!!!
It's half shaved off. Only the right side is shaved off.
Mann! I just can't imagine the pain she's in!

On her left leg, they put a morphine patch to help with the pain.

Finally home! She was crying the whole way home! ( ̄へ ̄)
But she was happy to see her little sis, Genie. Genie was also super happy.

Fight-oh! ♥♥♥
Will do my best on her rehab!
I'll be updating on her alot from now on.


  1. Glad your baby's condition's ok now.
    So lucky you have a dog! (TT^TT )

    1. Thank you love! ♥
      Why can't you have a dog???

  2. Aww, I'm glad the surgery came out pretty ok! I'm sure with the rehab Julie will be up and pain free soon!

    1. Thank you hun ♥
      Hopefully! I'm still very nervous.


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