20 November 2014

Update + New Hair ~~~

Hey loves! 
Again, sorry for the random hiatus. I didn't expect to get caught into anything, but things happened.
I got sunburn on my face and shoulders since about 2 weeks ago... badly.
My face has been peeling and irritated, so I haven't really been wearing much makeup.

Then I had an allergic reaction to meds and things didn't get any better. I am still peeling on my face.
It's gotten better, but it's noticeable even with makeup on, so I am not wearing bb cream/foundation as much or not anymore.

Also, like in the prior post, you guys know that I got 2 new pups added into the family. They very well fitted into the family.

I also recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy 5. Perfect size & phone for me... So I most likely will try to blog from my phone. And I will be able to take more pics since I carry it everywhere, unlike my camera.

oh yeah... I also decided to change my hair...
It's different and way brighter than I wanted, but it's not too bad. I think...

I also trimmed my hair to make it even & to get rid of my ends.
Looks like a bowl cut sometimes. lol

Here you can see the way it looks depending on  the lighting... It's so bright when I take a pic with flash.

I went from burgundy/black to this copper blonde.

How did I do it?

2 sessions of bleaching & then hair dye!
I used bleach w/30 developer for 30 min a session, then I used honey blonde for the dye...
Yes... honey blonde... but look at how crazy the color is. I left it in for too long I guess (45 min... I was doing other things.. was actually going to wash it out at 30 min).

What do you think about my hair? Yay or Nay?
Would you do your hair this color?


♥ Hi! 。◕ ‿ ◕。