24 November 2014

Q&A Part 01

Hey loves! 

Most of the questions I get asked are either in my faqs post or mixed around in my comment section. To organize them & update, I will just publish different posts with the latest questions asked in a new post & then tag it as Q&A.

I will be doing these not so often & it's going to be random depending on the questions asked.

1) What do you use to apply your face makeup?

Depending on how my skin is acting, I will either use the non-latex sponges or a foundation brush (Sigma F82) to apply my foundation/bb cream. Sometimes, but rarely do I use my finger. I use the back of my hand to warm up the bb cream or cream foundation to get it to soften/relax before applying it.

2) What are your favorite lenses?

My favorites are Beuberry Kitten Eyes series & the EOS Ice series. I don't really have a favorite brand. I jump around a lot depending on the design & size I want.

3) What is your favorite brand(s) for lashes?

For more dramatic/thick lashes I like Jewerich, Diamond Beauty, & Eyemazing. For more natural & soft lashes I like Vienco, Luminous Change, & Dolly Wink lashes.

4) What your current favorite song/most played song?

The current song I have been replaying is GOT7 - 달빛. Since the album came out, I've listened to it at least 20 times.

5) What is your favorite band/group?

Japanese band: Amazarashi アマザラシ, One Ok Rock, Sōtaisei Riron 相対性理論
Japanese girlgroup/boygroup: w-inds, perfume
Japanese solo artist: Beni, Jamosa, May J
Korean band: Nell 넬, Rose Motel 장미여관, Nevermind 네버마인드
Korean boygroup/girlgroup: JYJ, 2NE1, U-Kiss, Big Bang, Piggy Dolls (disbanded)
Korean solo artist: Boni 보니, Lyn린, Hyolyn 효린

6) What is your favorite anime of all time?

Slayers (old)  & One Piece (more recent)

7) How are you able to keep dying your hair without damaging it/frying it?

I do treatments pre & post on my hair. I also use specific shampoos & conditioners to help moisturize, as well as, to keep the color.

8) What is your favorite hair color?

My favorite hair colors I've down has is brown/purple combo & my brown/blue combo hair.

9) Where do you shop for plus-size clothing?

I shop at Torrid, Maurices, Forever21, H&M, ASOS ($$), CityChic ($$), ModCloth($$) , Yours Clothing. Each shop provides a pretty good range of sizes and styles. Some shops are a bit pricey $$, but their are always sales & discounts going on.

10) How many pets do you currently have & what breeds?

I currently just own 3 dogs, my eldest dog passed away (Julie - May 21, 2014). My ssecond eldest Genie is 9 yrs old, a purebred shorthair, doe head chihuahua. She is a golden color. The 2 furrbabies I got in Sept, MoCha & Lily (19 weeks old). They are siblings from the same litter. Both are 1/4 Boston Terrier (mom), 3/4 doe head chihuahua (dad). MoCha is Black/Brown with a bit of white on her chest & 2 front paws, dark brown eyes. Lily is a dark tan/gold color with light brown eyes.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to comment down below!


  1. Ahh I love Beni! <3 I don't know why I haven't checked out your blog sooner! It's so cute <3 Definitely inspiring me to get back into it again too :) How many circle lenses do you currently own?

    1. Hey Keiko!
      Beni ftw ♡♡♡
      hahah prolly because I disappear from my blog often & it's not really known xD

      You should get back to blogging! I like reading your posts!

      Opened or unopened? lol xD


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