20 November 2014

[REVIEW] BN Luminous Change Eyelash in Dolly Eye

Hi loves!!!

The review is finally here for these lashes. I was working on it before, but my sis & friends each took a pair to try out so I ran out & didn't get to do a review the first time around.
I finally repurchased them  & now I present you a review!

The model that made these lashes & is on the package is Rumi Itabashi.

Here you can see the design & the packaging inside.
There's another plastic piece that covers over the lashes to protect them.
Band/Color: The lashes are black w/a thin, clear band.

Application:  Flexible, so the lashes can be easily placed onto the eye. Because the band is very thin, it can bend to fit any eye shape.

Design/Style: Spikey lashes! They give off a dolly eye effect w/out it being too dramatic. Great for the more toned down gals. The bundles of lashes are not too thick or too thin. 

- 5 pairs a box
- Adds length
- Adds volume
- Dolly eyes
- Can be worn for many different types of eye makeup
- Easy to apply
- Flexible
- Great for everyday looks

-  After a couple of uses, they become flimsy
- The hairs can easily be messed up if not stored correctly
- A bit shiny (just brush some translucent powder on it to make it matte)


These lashes are sweet & dolly. I have short lashes that grow out straight, so they are somewhat invisible unless I put globs of mascara on them. With theses lashes, they easily give me the dolly eyes effect even without lenses.

They are great to wear with varieties of looks. You can easily wear these lashes for up to 10 times & more if you take good care of them.

Recommend these? YES
Repurchase? YES

Here's a pic of the all the lashes available from this collection


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