04 October 2014

Dean's List VoxBox

Hi loves!
So happy it's finally fall! You know what that means?
Winter is coming soon! I can't wait!

So onto what I received this week. I got the Dean's List Voxbox from Influenster!

Products included in voxbox:
Airheads Bites
Pilot Frixion Clicker 2-Pack Pens
SinfulColors No Text Red Polish
KISS Looks So Natural Lashes
Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Liquid Foundation
Softlips Cube Lip Balm
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons
(others may have received Luden's NEW Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Throat Drops)

*Products were received free for testing purposes*

First I have to say that this lip balm is really cute! It's small and compact.
Compared to the EOS Lip Balm (egg shape), it's more travel friendly and easily fits in your pocket or makeup bag.

The balm is nicely scented and has a sweet taste to it ^0^ It gives off a slightly tingly feeling and softens the lips.

0.23 oz (6.5 g)
SPF 15
Comes in Pomegranate Blueberry, Fresh Mint, & Vanilla Bean 

 I love lashes, but these are just a too natural for my liking.

They will probably be used for layering rather on their own. 

They are also a bit short.

Great thing is that they do come with their own glue.
"One simple step for a flawless, natural look that lasts all day. The formula blends easily to even skin tone and reduces shine all day." 
- Oil Free
- Won't clog pores 
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Lasts all day

30 ml (1 fl oz)
Shade: 215 Warm Beige

The foundation is medium to high coverage. Buildable coverage. Matte finish. What I don't like about this foundation is that it has a very strong scent. It goes away after a couple of minutes. I like everything else about it though. 

Covers my dark circles nicely and hides most of my imperfections. I wore it without primer and it does a great job staying on w/out creasing or melting off when splashed w/ water.

Airheads candy are usually very very sour and it's not one of my favorite candies. I like sour, but the acidity for airheads is just too much.

These bites are different though. They are not so sour. The sweet + sour blend is just right. Not bad.

Red, one of my favorite colors! 
SinfulColors polishes are very easily found in drugstores. Comes in a large variety and range of colors.

This red is to remind people to not text and drive.

Truthfully... even with all the deaths/accidents and ticket fees, people won't stop. This is for a good cause though. 

The color is very bright and is a true red.

Pens! I just can't get enough of pens! I never really wrote with pencils much except when I had too. Pens were always my go to writing tools. 

These pens are erasable and available in only blue and black gel ink.

There are no eraser scraps from removing the ink like normal erasers.  The clicker is also not on top but on the clip tab. It also has a good and comfortable grip.

I like these pens. Only thing is that it doesn't erase the pen marks/writings completely. Though it doesn't give you eraser scraps, it still can mess up/rip up your paper if you use enough force.

Now onto the last product. Playtex tampons for sports.

I don't use these and won't since I'm allergic to certain ingredients in tampons and pads, so I don't know how these work or will work.

My friend uses these so I gave them to her.

So that's it for the voxbox and today!
I'll be taking lots of breaks from blogging, especially since I don''t really know what to blog about and the pups have really stolen all my sleep... they've been keeping me up. 

They are also teething so most of the time that I have free... I am cleaning. *sigh*


  1. I love softlips! This was fun to read, your blog's so cute.

    I would appreciate it if you came and checked out my new blog ^_^ januarychokko.blogspot.ca

    1. Hi JanuaryChokko,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! <3
      I love the soft lips too ^^


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