07 September 2014

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints {Swatches & Review}

Hey loves!
Hope everything is going well.
For those who are in school, hang in there!!!
A couple days ago, when I went clothes shopping I saw these beauties on sale in a boutique.
I had to have them. I've heard lots of good reviews and well, I love having new lippies!

The original prices for these are $4.00
I got all 18 for $30 that day 
Due to so many people asking for swatches and a review, I decided to go ahead and do it.

In the lip paints collection, there is a total of 18 colors available.

Click on the images to enlarge
Onto the Review!!!

The packaging is very eye-catching and pretty. The color of the packaging is close to the color of the lip paints, but are not exact. They give you a good idea of what the colors are though.

Apply these with a LIP BRUSH for the best results. Also use a lip liner so the colors do not bleed out. I'm not fond of the plastic applicator, but it's workable. Careful not to squeeze too hard or else you'll get the lip paint everywhere.

As you can see in the first picture, there is a good variety of colors. Evening or for everyday looks. All of which are very well pigmented and pretty.
You can mix the lip paint to make your own custom color.

I hope they come out with more colors. I want some lip paints in greens & blues!

If you compare it to the Too Faced Melted and OCC Lip Tars, these are are very glossy and more liquidy. Which is why they tend to bleed.
They're not really matte, they have a more shiny finish to them.
They are great for those with dry lips (like me).

* Gleam has a metallic finish & Tease has glitter in it*

These smell and taste like mint. They give your lips a tingly feeling. The do not plump up the lips. The smell isn't overpowering and easy to deal with.

 Lasting Power:
They stay on for up to 2 hours on me. If you eat/drink they will transfer. If you want it to last longer, you can put powder on top of it, which will make it matte and stay longer.

These can easily found online if they are not in stores. The only cost $4 in comparison to the Too Face Melted $21 and OCC Lip Tars $18. Of course it's up to you to decide which one is better for your lips.

I really like these lip paints. Though I don't really like the applicator, I can deal with it. I usually carry some of my makeup brushes with me anyways. They are very nice on their own or over lipstick. I prefer to wear them alone since they are pretty pigmented. 

You can layer on the lips paints to get it more opaque and concentrated which is great! It doesn't dry out the lips and it's not tacky/sticky. Even if there is a color that doesn't match you, they can be mixed and make new colors.

Repurchase? YES
Recommend? YES

Here are the color swatches on my lips! I have dark lips, but as you can see, these show up very well.

My camera does not do the colors justice. It was having a hard time picking up the colors for some odd reason. They are gorgeous in person!

Color Description (on dark lips):

Elude: nudey pink
Whisper: light nude
Flirt: soft peach
Peony: light coral
Whimsical: light lavendar, more pink than purple
Gleam: metallic orange/copper
Tango: deep orange coral
Hot Mess: carrot orange
Feisty: red orange
Pin Up: bright red
Tease: hot pink with glitter
Bombshell: deep hot pink/rose
Baby Doll: bright pink (barbie pink)
Blushing: mauve, with more red in it
Coy: blue violet (depending on lighting, it's blue or it's purple)
Seduce: red violet
Daring: purple
Tempt: Deep raspberry/plum

It's hard to describe some of the colors, but I hope my swatches and descriptions help a bit

My favs are Elude, Whimsical, Tease, Coy, & Tempt!
Which ones do you like or want to try?


  1. Elude and blushing look amazing! :) Dang, you bought a lot LOL.

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. Hey June!
      They are amazing!
      Lol I did didn't I?! But they were so tempting ^^

  2. That's a lot of lipgloss! Hi Rina! It's been a while.. The elude looks good on u!

    1. Hi Erika! It has been a while. lol.
      I bought too much? xD
      Thanks <3


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