12 September 2014

Hair Update ~

Hey loves!
Just wanted to show a little update on my hair since it's been a long time since I really did anything to it. On Aug 30th I actually dyed it, if you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen it.

At first it was a more plum-burgundy. The color pops in sunlight & in flash photography, but it started to fade and become really dark. So I decided to brighten it up a bit!

I added more red to my original hair dye mix and viola!!!
Look at how bright it is! I was really surprised that it turned out this bright!

Even if it fades, it won't become too dark. The color really pops in the sunlight!!! 

My hair was still a bit wet when I took the pictures above, but even then the color is still very vivid. Maybe my hair will show up better in pics now >.> lol

The tips are a deep plum burgundy and I think I did pretty well on blending the dyes when I was doing my hair... I dunno.

I mixed the colors depending on the intensity of the color & mixed it with the same amount of developer. I kept it in my hair for 30 minutes (max).

What do you gals think???


  1. Wowww I love it! The dye is so vibrant *^*
    Cute blog~ I just followed you, I would love it if you followed back :D


    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thank you ♡ It was a bit too vibrant. lol
      Of course I will follow back ^-^


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