20 September 2014

Furrific?! =^.^=

Hey loves!
Long time no see.
Hope all is well!

So, if you guys follow me on instagram, then you guys know, but if you do not...
I got 2 new puppies on Sept 19th! tehehe

I was so excited, as well as, nervous because I didn't know how my other dog would act.
My mom decided it was time we get a new pup so that my senior (9 yr old) dog, Genie can have a friend.

It's been 4  months since my other dog passed. Genie has been a bit sad and her daily activities slowed down. My dad on the other hand was really reluctant and against getting more pups, but my mom always wins. lol

Instead of just 1, my mom decided to get 2 more pups.
So I asked around for small/toy breeds, female, and young. I was contacted by a couple of people with super adorable pups. It just happens though, that these 2 pups' owner was nearby & that the pups were ready to go.

My dad knew nothing about this. I contacted the owner of the pups, paid, & picked then up with my mom. When we brought them home, my dad was like, what the f*** did you do? lol. He was about to get mad till my mom handed him one of the pups, then all he did was laugh. Luckily everything turned out well.

Now onto the names...
My mom chose some (stupid) unreasonable names for the girls, but I told her no & that she needs to think of better ones. She named the tan one Lily & I named the brown one MoCha (pronounched Mo-cha not Mo-ka). 

They are 1/4 boston terrier & 3/4 chihuahua. 10 wks old and precious!
They are not considered boston huahuas but chi-bos since their mother was 1/2 boston, 1/4 chihuahua. Their father is 100% chihuahua. lol. Isn't a chi-bo cute?

The very first meeting between Genie & the girls were in the car. She was so excited to see & smell them, she couldn't sit still. She is so happy to have them & play with them.

 (they are sleeping on 3 different blankies)

Problem: Genie has always had a food & bed aggression

She does not like it if other dogs go near her food or what she believes is hers. We had her behavior somewhat corrected that if she does growl, we can tell her stop and take away her food without her getting teethy with us. She doesn't get aggressive with us, though.

As for the bed, she does not like it if another dog comes near where she sleeps, especially if she is in my lap or someone else's lap. This habit is a habit we couldn't fix much of. The only way to stop her aggression is to take her off our lap and tell her to go sleep in her bed. Even then she growls, but doesn't bite.

We had both problems since before. She was like this since she was little. The dog trainer says it's from her being a stray & that these habits are going to be really hard to fix.

I'm hoping she will get used to the pups & that she will slowly get better at sharing. So far, I am feeding them separate times (of course) and in different places so Genie does not harm the pups. Other than that, they play great outside together.

Genie really cares for them & always checks on them if she hears them.

As for the pups sleeping, they sleep right beside my bed in a medium size 
 dog bed w/ a duck they like to wrestle with. lmao at the pic above... 

they are just so precious & it reminds of of when I brought Julie & Genie home. MoCha reminds me of Julie, due to her coloring and personality. Lily is like Genie, they both are very hyper when it's playtime.

me all day when I think about all my pups

Here's a lil clip of them playing in the backyard.
I know... my backyard is half dead & half green, but it's because of the drought here in Cali. I only water my fruit trees & veggies.


  1. Awh, those puppies are adorable! I'm glad your dad was okay with them in the end :D

    1. Hi Lizzie!
      Thank you! Yeah, I was afraid he'd have a fit :)

  2. Omg your puppies are so adorable! I miss having puppies in my house lol Lovely post <3
    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Hey Payton. Thank you! Lol, puppies are great except the teething period. lol
      Sure I'll follow you ^^


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