05 April 2014

[REVIEW] MAC Lipstick in "So Chaud" & "Up The Amp"

Hey lovely's!
So I have a review for you on these 2 lippies I recently bought from MAC last week.
The usual lippies I wear are either nude or pink, but I've been exploring more in the past month or so.

I chose an orange & a purple. I was looking for shades that weren't too bright, but at the same time, not too dark or dull.

I was really looking forward to playing with these & seeing what looks they'd go best with.
"Up the Amp" looks like the perfect violet & "So Chaud" looks more red.

Do you like purple or orange lipsticks?
If you'd like to see how they look, please keep reading!
Here are the swatches on my hand & on my lips.

Both lipsticks are opaque and buildable if you want to darken or make the lipsticks more intense. So pretty *0*
I am totally lovin' these two shades! I need try more different color lippies!

♥ So Chaud ♥
 I really like this red-orange shade on me. It's bright but not neon and complements my skintone very well. It glides on nice & smooth. A little can go a long way. It's also matte.
Because it's matte, I thought that the lipstick will be very drying, but I didn't have any issues with it accentuating the cracks of my lips or making my lips feel dry. The only thing I didn't like about this is that it stains pretty badly... I mean if you get it on the outter parts of your lip, then you'll have to really scrub it off. It lasts up to 6 hours or so when I drink/eat so it's worth it. Also when removing it, it can be a bit of a hassle. You'll need a (lip) makeup remover to get it all off. Other than that, I love this shade!

♥ Up The Amp ♥ 
Ooooooooooooh~ purple lipstick!!! I have been really adoring purple lippies since winter. Purple is a color I adore, but I never really wore it on my lips. MAC has a pretty good amount of purple lipsticks to choose from, but I ended up choosing this one. The lipstick is glossy, but it covers up my dark lips. I didn't need to use a concealer at all. It glides on very smooth & makes my lips look so luscious! It's not as dark in the packaging as it is on my lips. But idk if it's because of it's formula or my lips. lol. Either way I'm addicted to this lipstick. This one is a bit easier to remove & it wears off quicker than "So Chaud" because of the creamy formula. But it still needs a (lip) makeup remover to get it all off. 

And now, here are some selfies of me & the lippies.

Lol... I look different with glasses don't I? xD
I was told that I look so professional & "mature".

What do you think about these lipsticks?

Yes or No?
What are your current favs for lip colors?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those colours really suit you. I love Mac lipsticks, and have quite a few of them. ^_^


  2. Looks nice on you! I wish my lips were as versatile!

    I had a purple shade by Mac, maybe the same one, a while ago but my lips are too big and the color made me look like a duck! I usually try to find colors that hide them, heh.

    So, girls who can rock bright colors (you) -- I bow down! I've always wanted to try. I'm too shy, haha ← the worst mental block ever.


  3. @Nagareboshi: Thank you hun <3

    @Bambi: Thank you <3 If you use concealer to outline/cover the outline of your lips it can make your lips look smaller.

    hahah I can't rock all colors... it's a hit or miss most of the time ^^
    Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find colors that will suit you!

  4. Orange and purple! Two colours I love seeing people wear on their lips.
    I'm too afraid to try them because I may not pull it off.
    You look great though! :)

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