25 April 2014

New Hair & Urban Decay Mini-Haul

Hey lovely's!
Hope you are all well & dandy!

There's been a lot of craziness & assignments since the semester is coming to an end... I've also been stuck studying for exams :(

I'm getting back to working on the reviews & other blog posts. So today I decided to just cut my hair. A week or so ago, I just trimmed it. I went SHORT! It's really short to me...

I also ordered a couple things from Urban Decay too!

If you're interested, please keep on reading!

As you can see, it's to my neck. Before it was about 4-5 inches past my shoulders.
I can't wait to let it grow out a bit more. It's so fun to have short hair.

Only bad part is if I want to curl it... Curling it will be a challenge.
Summer is coming up & it gets sooooo hot so it's time for a little change & fun.

My bangs are still the same, a straight fringe. I just trimmed it & made the ends more jagged rather than blunt.

Lol... Can you see my red eyebrows???
I just got them waxed. Going back to thick & arched eyebrows.

What do you think?
It's going to take some time to get used to it...

There was a sale on Urban Decay's website. I saw that the Eyeshadow Primers Duo was on sale so I decided to buy it. After looking around on the site, I saw the Ammo palette. The colors in the palette are all SHIMMERY and pretty.

The Eyeshadow Primer Duo pack was $20 & the Ammo palette was $34.
It's compact enough to carry it in my purse, but too big to fit in my makeup bag.

As a bonus, I got a sample pamphlet of the eyeshadow primers & the b6 prep spray.
After looking at the palette &  looking at other reviews, I'm somewhat happy with my purchase. The palette comes with a mini brush & a small eyeshadow primer, so I can take it with me when I go out.

Well... I got myself a lot of primers now don't I?!
I didn't expect to get so many primers... But it's good. I won't run out anytime soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
See you next time!

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