19 February 2014

Journey to Speaking Thai...

Hey lovely's!!!

So my teacher & friend came up with a challenge for me.
They said to do small vlogs of me speaking Thai to improve on my speaking skills as well as to help me overcome my camera shyness. If you didn't know, I've been officially learning Thai for the past month. I have a friend in Thailand that I met last year & I thought it would be nice that when I go visit him or when he comes to Cali, we'd be able to communicate easier. He knows a little English, but I think having Thai in my resume would look nice too... Lol. It's such a beautiful language. I only knew the greetings before, but now, I want to carry on a 5 minute convo... or at least answer simple questions like, how are you xD
I usually take challenges given, but I'm unsure about this one... I've always hated my voice & the way I turn out in videos. But I thought it would be fun to learn as I do vlogs, as well as help other Thai learners.
What do you think? Do you want to learn Thai too?

For the first video, I am going to do a small intro, but how about the other videos?
Suggestions are welcomed & appreciated!!!

Oh yeah, circle lens review coming soon!

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