20 February 2014

Vlog #1 Intro in Thai

Hey loves!
As I said in the previous post, I will upload to my youtube vlogs of me speaking/practicing Thai. I just uploaded my first video today!!! Which was harder than I thought. I was very awkward, shaky, & i don't know... weird??? Like I've said before, I hate hearing myself speak. But I DID IT!!!

It's a short video of me doing an intro of who I am...blah blah blah... you know...
Introducing my awkward self to the world.
For those who are Thai or know Thai. Please correct me if I made mistakes.
Hope you "like" this vlog... more to come!

(little fyi, I will be labeling these posts with "Journey to Speaking Thai" so they'll be easy to find in the scrollbox on the right)

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