29 January 2014

❦ Bday Haul + More ❦

Super late post... truthfully after school started, I've just been busy with projects, but my camera & SD cards were also having issues. Camera is fixed & got new SD cards so I'm able to finish up my posts.

So, if you didn't know, my bday was January 4th. I did a post of what I did that day & what not, but I didn't get to post what presents I was given from family & friends ( I didn't open some of the presents until a week later... The jerks hid them all around the house so I couldn't find them...) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) So yeah!

I got a bunch of random things + money, which I ended up using up pretty quick /( ⌣́,⌣̀)\
I also dyed my hair black recently! If you follow me on instagram, you would be up to date with some of the things I've been doing.

First off,
On January 22nd (I think), I won this super big & cute Coca Cola polar bear at school.
My school does this around winter every year. I always wanted it because it looked so fluffy & cute... and it is! \(>o<)/ It's such a great cuddle buddy although it's really big ♥

What I Got:
White Backpack w/ Pastel Wings
Style & Noble Cosme Gorgeous Line Tape 
(2) Cuci Yours Eyelash Beauty - Glamorous No. 1 
Eyemazing Sweet Ribbon Series by Mizukitty - No. 303 
EyemazingxZipper Ayamo Rock Type A - No. 803
Luminous Change Eyelash by Rumi Itabashi - Dolly Eye (purple packaging)
Luminous Change Eyelash by Rumi Itabashi - Sweet Eye (orange packaging)
BN Microfiber Nudy Eyelid Tape - 42 pack
Decorative Eyelash Playgirl Eyelash Glue (clear)
Decorative Eyelash Playgirl - Play Sexy #5
Diamond Beauty Forever Eyelash - No. 3 (glue is included)
Diamond Beauty Forever Eyelash - No. 4 (glue is included)
Diamond Beauty Diamond Lash - Angel Eye
Diamond Beauty Diamond Lash - Glamorous Eye
Diamond Beauty Diamond Nose Makeup - Dolly
Eyemazing Super Fit Lash Glue (clear) (My all time favorite lash glue)
22 piece Pink & White Brush set
14 pcs of Human Hair Extensions - not sure what brand
Jetoy Hologram Cardholder/Wallet - Alice in Wonderland

I have always been very obsessed with Jetoy's Choo Choo Cat series... I just think they're the cutest things ever. When the line first came out, I bought a bunch of their memo pads, postcards, pens, a bag, & even the hand fans, but I ended up using them all up & let's just say, paper doesn't last long with me... I'm always writing stuff to people & pens run out of ink. So I slowed down on the Jetoy shopping spree. Some of the brand's items can be pricey, but it's just too cute to resist! My niece got me the cardholder/wallet ♥ I love it!

Which products do you want me to do a review on first???

What I bought:
Hadanomy Collagen Wash
Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist 

I re-purchased them since I'm running low on facial wash. I really like these 2 facial cleansers because my face feels so nice after using them.
I use the Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist on days when I were alot of makeup (cc cream, bb cream, concealer, powder, etc) since my makeup remover might not be able to take all the makeup off. I use the Hadanomy Collagen Wash on days when I have very little or no makeup (I use makeup remover if I am wearing some makeup).

As I said before, my hair is now black... Yes, black. It's probably a big surprise to most peeps since I said that I would not dye my hair black, but I did... lol My natural hair is brown, which is the darkest color I ever had. If I had black in my hair it was either underneath the blonde in my hair or I had streaks of black in my hair. This time... It's ALL black.

I left the front layers to frame my face & hide my cheeks. I used about 8-9 pcs out of the 14 pcs I have... My hair isn't very thick on top so I put in my extensions in about 2/3 of the way up my head.

I'm thinking about curling them later, although I love having long, straight hair!
What do you think about the new hair??? 

Yes or No?
Hope you guys are doing well!
Thanks for stopping by!

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