18 January 2014

Venus Embrace Sensitive Voxbox

Hey lovely's!
This post is actually a very late post. I was going to upload it last week, but school started and I got caught up with shopping for school supplies & my classes.

I also have a super late haul post of what I got for my bday/xmas, a recent haul, & my hair extensions. Hopefully I won't keep pushing them off for later... I didn't post the hauls on instagram since I've been neglecting my blog :( 

I also have long awaited lens reviews to post too...

I received my voxbox I think January 7th or 8th.

This box is all about the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor.
Box includes:
- Razor handle
- 2 razor cartridges 
The cartridges have 5 blades. There are also moisturizing pads on top/bottom of the cartridges to ensure that your skin is smooth & moisturized after the shaving.

The handle has the gel padding on the sides for comfortable gripping. 
I have very sensitive skin, especially my armpit area. For better demonstration of how well the razor works, I didn't shave for a week. (FYI: it's winter here so no one knows... well now you do, but not before... lol

I WARNED YOU! Eeeeeewwwww /(>o<)\ 

I did not use any cream, I just used the razor w/ water. I would usually get really bad bumps & redness after shaving because my skin easily gets irritated, but as you can see, no irritation at all.  It did a pretty good job!

I'm happy with the smooth feeling afterwards.
Would I recommend this product? Yes
Will I purchase this in the future? Yes

I used to use one of the 3 blades razor from Gillette and never really looked for a new one since it works just fine & I usually use shaving cream. But I like this one. Since I have the handle, all I have to do is buy the cartridges.
What are your favorite shaving products to use?

DisclaimerI received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Everything I said here is my opinion & I am in no way affiliated with Influenster. I was not paid by the company to do this review.

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