17 May 2012

❂ Yay! I Got It! ❂

Recently I had won a giveaway hosted by P' Nan @ Kung Suay Jung! Yay!!!! Received May 17, 2012!

I was so happy! The first giveaway I have ever won, but that's cuz I usually never enter them xD
I was actually a day late, but P'Nan actually waited for me >o<
Thank you so much ka! ♥

Everything was nicely packaged and came fast! (That's because we both live in Cali xD)
In the envelope, she also put the prizes in a forever 21 bag :)

Here are the prizes I won.
Forever21 eyeshadow palette in Brown
Stila lipgloss in Peach
Nail stickers in Snake Skin

I really excited to try all three products out! Lately I've been into more nudey/neutral makeup.
The snake skin nail stickers look sooo cool! LOL. I can't wait to try them! ♥

♥ Thanks again P'Nan! ♥

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