09 May 2012

◊ A Cute Surprise ◊

Well, I'll be somewhat busy w/ finals and stuff, since next week is my last week of Spring 2012.
It'll be another week or so before I blog again, so this is going to be a long post.

I've been working on an art project for a day or two, but kinda messed up xD

(Click on pics to enlarge)

HERE is the SEMI-FINAL Pic... I still have to color her face & draw stuff for the background. I'm also adding deco & other 3D objects to it.

(Click on pic to enlarge)

And I got a big surprise today after class. My guy friend gave me a present... It was like a VERY LATE b-day present xD I don't blame him since he handmade it for me.

 (Click on pics to enlarge)

Cute packaging and everything! He hand sewed everything!!!!! :O
Such a sweetheart! ♥

The bear is actually pretty big and so cuddly! The black part on the right side (your left) is a little furry cuff w/ a pin on it.

He searched for the perfect pins to put on this bear ♥
Too kind!

Today's Eyemake. Simple Smokey eye & no lenses. My allergies are super bad... nose is all stuffed and I've been super irritated... I actually didn't want to wear makeup, but my skin wasn't looking so good, so I had to.

  (Click on pics to enlarge)

I wore the Kyary's Eyemazing No. 503 & Eye Love Matsuge No. 006 Bunny Eye

I put alot of mascara on the top lashes to make them stand out more.

Well... that's it.
Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧

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