15 May 2012

[CLOSED] Cutie ❀ Honey - 하늘's 1st Giveaway

I'm having my very first GIVEAWAY! YAY!

It's nothing big. Just a little something for those who read my blog and have given me support ☺

✖ How To Enter:
There is a list of entries at the end of this post.
All of them are on the raffle widget.
There are a total of 17 entries.
Only 3 are mandatory.

The giveaway is named Cutie ❀ Honey because the lashes are cute and not dramatic. They are for more natural makeup. ALL OF THE PRODUCTS were purchased by me. I am in no way sponsored or affiliated w/ any company(s).

✖ Requirements:
1.  Must be a follower of my blog.
2.  Must be a fan of Baybie Preciouz on Facebook.
3.  Must "Like" this post.

* Make sure to follow the requirements written here & on the raffle widget. If you don't I will disqualify you *

MAKE sure that the entries you've entered are all checked or they won't be counted. 

✖ There is only ONE WINNER. Winner must contact me on my Facebook Page in 48 hours to claim their prize or else I will draw a new winner. Provide me with your: full name, address, and phone number. If there are any questions, feel free to msg me/ comment on my Facebook.

✖ Prizes:

2 pairs of no brand random Bottom Lashes

5 pairs of no brand Top Lashes

1 My Diary Beauty Collagen Mask
1 My Diary Beauty Arbutrin Whitening Mask

3 pairs Eye Love Matsuge Lashes No. 003 Doe Eyes

1 pair Eye Love Matsuge Lashes No. 005 Dolphin Eyes

1 pair Eye Love Matsuge Lashes No. 006 Rabbit Eyes

You WILL receive everything in this pouch ^^
Hope you don't mind

* I will ANNOUNCE the winner in a short post! So do not worry about checking this post *

There might be a surprise thrown in ;)

Good luck everyone!
(I tried making a banner but failed :/ Will make one for the next giveaway)


  1. ☥ Name: Sika <3 Manteau
    ☥ Age: 16
    ☥ Country: UAE (united arab emirates ABU DHABI)
    ☥ Blog/Link: http://thethreeheadedpinkmonster.blogspot.com/
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I am still a beginner with falsies and can never really find good ones so this would be a lovely prize to win!
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: ty for a great giveaway!

  2. ALL other comments were saved to my Disqus account. Do not worry. I know those that commented. Thank you for entering & good luck 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  3. ☥ Name: Nathalie Meister
    ☥ Age: 17
    ☥ Country: France
    ☥ Blog/Link: http://kawaikuma.tumblr.com
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I love natural gyaru make-up! This would be a great oppurtunity to try new looks, perhaps make tutorials even~
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: thank you for being so nice!!! <3

  4. ☥ Name: Ema Nino
    ☥ Age: 16
    ☥ Country: CA, USA
    ☥ Blog/Link: saruhimekong.blogspot.com
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I want this giveaway because I I have tried for many giveaways and haven't won. I would really like to be able to correctly use false lashes and try a new approach to make up and beauty additions.
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: Thank you for give everyone the opportunity to try out for this giveaway,. I wish everyone luck!

  5. Name: Tobi
    ☥ Age: 17
    ☥ Country: UK
    ☥ Blog/Link: http://thelittleprincling.blogspot.co.uk/
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I really need some new lashes for holiday and this is a cute little giveaway x
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: Thank you for doing this giveaway! it's really sweet ^_^ <3 xxx

  6. ☥ Name: Mana Starre
    ☥ Age: 18
    ☥ Country: United States
    ☥ Blog/Link: starreprincess.blogspot.com
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I would like to try different styles of lashes to find the perfect makeup so this is a very good opportunity to do so ^^
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: Thank you for doing this! It's a really nice thing to do for any beginner or somebody looking to change their style ^^

  7. ☥ Name: Chaudie
    ☥ Age: 26
    ☥ Country: USA
    ☥ Blog/Link: http://www.chaudie.net
    ☥ Why you want this giveaway: I'm infatuated with the skin care and lashes
    ☥ And anything else you wanna say: I can't wait!


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