15 April 2013

Galaxy Kitten Top ❦ Ebay Lashes

So I got a cute little package this weekend w/ a galaxy print top w/ a cat on it, as well as some ebay lashes from one of my good friends, Winnie.

Truthfully, IDK what to wear with it... so cute!
To my surprise it fits me! Winnie is so skinny & I had doubts that this would even go over my boobs xD But I did lose around 10 more lbs this month... So that might be why. I'm working hard reaching my goal weight. FIGHT-oh!

And here are the ebay lashes she got me. I haven't really tried any of these... Sadly, they aren't that long. I like long lashes like Diamond Lash Angel Eyes. As for the bottom lashes, I really like them since they last a long time & I do go through lashes like crazy.

Great alternative for buy famous brand lashes.
If you gals want to see reviews or makeup looks w/ these lashes, comment below ↓↓↓

These are the sellers my friend ordered from

AND how skool is...

My friends drew these one my arm xD 
I really like the bear drawing!!! It's freakin' beautiful!

I really want a tattoo like this.

 My friend & I... the things we do when we're bored >.> LOL
We were on such a sugar/giggle high...

We are truly the dorkiest of peeps...

AND NOW, for some random flower pics.

L: IDK what the plant is called, but look at the beautiful blossoms! So bright & vibrant!
R: look at the jumping spider!!!!!! lol

The roses are blooming beautifully in my garden... sadly some bugs got a couple of them.
But whatever... I just enjoy having them & looking at them.

So how is Spring for you guys?


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