09 April 2013

❣ CC크림 Haul & 1st Impressions ❣

This post won't be a long one. I'm doing a review for each of them & then going to compare them. So a total of 5 more posts. This is on FIRST IMPRESSIONS. I open them right away & do swatches. Idk about you guys, but when I swatch a product... 1st impression can make or break the product. If the swatch comes out icky & I don't like the feel or color, I will throw it out... (or if my sis or bf wants it, I'll give it to them.)
I also got some samples 

Woot woot! The new rave. CC Creams!!! I purchased from these brands only, because I've used their products before & like their line of cosmetics.
BEFORE we start....

What is "CC Cream"?
It can stand for complexion or color. It's got everything BB creams have + more benefits. They have great coverage, lighter/smoother texture compared to BB creams. They are not oily. These can be worn under your regular foundation or by itself. CC creams have more color options & are packed with antioxidants and vitamins for your skin. The spf on these are higher than BB creams. While covering unevenness, it also corrects it.  

What do you think about these so far?!

1st impressions of these products for me are good. I tried these on my arms, which is dry in comparison to my combination/oily skin.

Reviews are on the way!!!! 

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