11 December 2014

Customizing Lashes ✌

Hey loves!
So, just a mini-update, I got a ASK.FM account so you guys can ask me whatever you guys want ---> HERE <--- or you can just look at the right side sidebar & find the ask widget there ^.^

I have gotten many questions on lashes, but especially on bottom lashes. What brands I use, what I use to put them on, etc, etc.

Have you ever gotten a pair of lashes and after a while you notice that it's not really the type of lashes you like to use?

Well, today I will show you what I do to lashes that I don't like or don't like they way they look.
First of all, this works best one lashes with clear bands. If you have a pair of eBay lashes, depending on the lashes, this may not work. It also depends on the clusters/bunches in the lashes.

Here I have a pair of Red Cherry Lashes ( which I adore) bottom lashes in #105
As you can see, the clusters are thick and dramatic. What I don't like about these lashes are the way they are cut.

There are many individual clusters that make up the thick clusters you see.

Items you will need:
- 2 Tweazers 
- Lashes you want to customize

The angled have a firm grip on the things it pinches
The skinny tweazers are great for picking up/holding small objects

 (click on images to enlarge)

 (click on images to enlarge)

Here are some selfies of me wearing the bottom lashes. They look like I just put on a million layers of mascara. lol.

Hope you like this mini-tutorial. If you want me to make a video, please comment below!

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