23 December 2014

ASOS CURVE - Exclusive Skater Dress With Lace Raglan Sleeves

Hey loves!
I decided to start trying to do outfit posts/clothing posts. It's been a long time since I posted anything on my clothes and whatnot.

So onto the dress, I ordered from ASOS, from their ASOS CURVE selection.
The shop is one of my favorite online shops. The sizes go up to 28US. So they can cater to girls of many sizes and shapes.

You can get this dress here

Dress Details:
Made from a cotton-rich stretch fabric
Fine lightweight knit
Crew neckline 
Lace raglan sleeves
Regular fit

Main: 98% Cotton, 1% Elastane, 1% Nylon
Sleeve: 61% Cotton, 36% Nylon, 3% Viscose


I ordered the dress on November 23rd. They shipped it on November 24th and I received it on November 29th.
Any order over $40 gets free standard shipping. Anything less will have a shipping charge of $6.
There is also 3-day shipping and other shipping options available.

The reason why I waited so long to do this review is because my cousin's wedding is on Dec. 20th and this dress was bought to be worn to the wedding.

Cost: ❤❤❤❤❤
The original cost of the dress is $72.01, when I ordered it, it was $54.01. So I saved $18.
It might seem very expensive, but with the free shipping... it kind of works out. Also, most plus sized clothing is usually around this price range.

Fabric/Durability: ❤❤❤❤♡
The cotton is very soft + the lace, if either get caught on something, I can guarantee that it will get snagged.

The top half is a bit see-thru. If you noticed in the picture of the dress I took above, you can see the tag right through the top section. White will easily show through. Even in the product picture from the site, the blue version of the dress, you can see how it kind of shows through.

Style/Color: ❤❤❤❤❤
Lace + nude = LOVE
It's one of my favorite combinations. Oatmeal is not as light as it is in the product picture from the site, but it's not dark. I think it's a nude that would be flattering for most skin tones. 

The dress has a waist part (?) that cinches in. It's quite low on me, so I made a black elastic lace belt to wear with it.

Comfort: ❤❤❤❤❤
Very comfortable. It's fitting but it doesn't really hug/caress all of your curves.

Size: ❤❤❤❤♡
True to size. My sister made the mistake of ordering a size bigger. If you read about the measurements and check it with yours, you will not have a problem finding the size that fits properly. But it also depends on the fabric as well. Since it's mostly made of cotton, I can shrink it down, or just use a belt to make it more form fitting. I am also short, so the dress is a bit long on me. I am 5'4"/5'5". If you are about 2 inches taller or have a longer torso, this dress would look better on you.

The dress is made of mostly cotton so it's warm and great to wear during colder weathers.
I especially love that this dress is both great for formal and casual wear, depending on the accessories you wear with it. The fabric is soft and the lace isn't scratchy/itchy like most laces on clothes. 

I was originally looking for a dress for my cousin's wedding and I wanted something with lace (cuz I love lace). Most dresses for weddings are made with chiffon, silk, all the tight/body con dresses, and I didn't  want that. I wanted to look good, as well as, be comfortable. The wedding is in winter + at the coast = COLD... so wearing a chiffon dress was not going to make me happy.

It's also very easy to customize the dress to how I want it. It's loose on me so all I have to do is sew the waist in a bit and it should be fine.

Necklace: BornPretty Store
Wedges: Torrid
Lace Elastic Belt: Handmade by me

 Up close you can see the lace detail. It''s very nice.

(My nieces)
In the 2 pics above, you can see me wearing the dress with the belt I made. The dress doesn't hug my curves, making my body look more flattering w/out having to wear a body shaper. But you can kind of see the white bralette I am wearing under it.

(my 3 nieces & a friend)
In this pic, I had taken the belt off. As you can see, it's not as flattering, as when I had the belt on. You can also see that the waist part of the dress is lower on me.

All in all, I still really like this dress. It's a dress I will most likely wear again after a few little changes.

What do you think about this dress? Cute or not?


  1. I think it looks really nice with the belt and I'm also in love with the lace!!
    If you got it tailored a little to fit you better, I think it would look great! :D Usually I have to tailor a lot of my clothes because they just don't fit right (I have a short torso :'( )
    I really like the ASOS Curve line, there's a few items I want to get from there but unfortunately everything will look like a potato sack on me since I'm lacking in the curves department haha!

    1. Thank you!
      I will tailor it myself once I get over my cold ^^
      I have to tailor my clothes a lot too. I know how you feel, so do I, I also have short legs so most dresses are too long on me. lol making dresses like this look off...

      There are a lot of the same design & styles in the regular line from ASOS which I'm sure would look lovely on you ^^

  2. your blog is so cute!
    love the dress, but i think it look pretty with the brown or white belts.
    this is just my opinions. ^^
    anyway really look pretty on you!

    would you like to follow each other? let me know on my blog if you followed me. i will follow you back after it
    thank you^^

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Minjung-ssi.

      Thank you ♡ Yes, I also think the dress would look pretty with a brown or white belt ^^ It's just that the shoes I wore were black, so I figured a black belt. lol

      Sure I can follow your blog ^^
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Your blog is adorable and you're so pretty!

    The dress is super cute and I really love the lace. It makes the dress look so delicate and girly. Super flattering!:D I actually really like the dress without the belt because personally I feel like they sort of restrict me from being more 'free' haha, and it's just overall more comfortable to wear!

    The dress is really nice though and it suits you really well!:3 Thank you for posting hehe!^.^x

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you ♡
      I don't really care for belts, but the dress was a bit big on me so that's why I added the belt. Lol. I'm with you on that w/out a belt, it's more comfy & free.

      Thanks again. You are too sweet! ♡


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