28 June 2014

[REVIEW] BN Luminous Change Eyelash in Sweet Eye

Hey peeps! 

Finally back after a month or so with a review post!

I received these lashes for my birthday (in January) & finally got to them now.
I was using up my other lashes & didn't want to waste or lose these, so I didn't touch them til now.

The model that made these lashes & is on the package is Rumi Itabashi.
Each pack comes with 5 pairs.

Band/Color: These lashes are black with a clear band. 
(TIP: Because the band is clear, use a gel liner to go over the band to blend better before applying them on the eye)

Application: They are very flexible and easy to work with. They blend nicely with my lashes.

Design/Style: Natural. The center of the lashes have 4 sections with thicker hairs/fibers. The thicker sections in the middle draws the attention to the center of the eye & is great for those neutral/natural dolly style eye make up. If you push up the lashes some more, they are a bit dramatic & more eye catching. 

(click to enlarge)

 Adds length
Looks natural
Flexible band
Great for everyday looks

 After a couple of uses, they become flimsy
The hairs can easily be messed up if not stored correctly
May be too natural for others
A bit shiny (just brush some translucent powder on it to make it matte)
Not voluminous
- If you want to do droopy eye make up, add another half piece of lashes to lengthen these. They are a bit too short use for the droopy eye look.

They hairs/fibers can easily rip off and get all messed up if handled roughly, but I adore these lashes. I can wear a pair for 5-10, sometimes more if I properly take care of them. The lashes will look "different" depending on how much you push them up or blend them in with your natural eyelashes. I love lashes that has thicker sections in the center rather than the outer corner. They are not too short & not to long, so people can't really tell if you're wearing falsies or just wearing mascara. 

Recommend these? YES
Repurchase? YES

Here's a pic of the all the lashes available from this collection

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  5. @ Jenny Ye: They are even prettier in person :)


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