03 September 2012

Doggy Updates & Answering Some Questions...

So sorry!!!! I can't believe I forgot to update about my dog, Julie. Thank you to those peeps that reminded me. For those who don't know the story, the EVENT that occured and the SURGERY.

Well, my babyie girl is soooo much better after her surgery! Too well. LOL. She's running around w/ her lil sister, Genie, twirling in circles, & kicking me in the gut! I'm soooo happy for her tho.
It's not back to 100% but it's around 90% good. She's able to play & live life.

(click pics to enlarge)
The bed she made... two pillows on top of the blanket xD


Her annoyed look xD
Scratching her neck so she will stay still. lolz

She tried licking me, but failed xD

The lil brat moved o_O

She went back to sleep when I was trying to take this pic... my gawsh. LOL

1. Why are all the songs on your playlist... sad?! o_O is everything ok?
。◕ ‿ ◕。 Everything is fine. I just like sad songs because they have good meanings & make sense in comparison to the upbeat songs that spit out random English words.

2. How are you so confident?
I'm not. My self-esteem is pretty low. I hate the way I look & that's why I'm working on changing it. I'm also working on accepting my body & the way I look as it is now (but not for long!).

3. Do you photshop/edit your pics?
No I don't. The only thing I do is crop & watermark them. I feel that if I do edit it's gonna look too fake & unrealistic. But I do wanna learn. I find it interesting. I'll eventually get photoshop one of these days.

4.  You look different in some of your pics...
It's the makeup. Another reason is the angle. If you take pics in certain angles it can make your face/body appear smoother/slimmer & more appealing. It takes me about 5-10 tries to get a good/alright pic depending on how I angle my camera or how I look into it.

5. Wear do you shop at?
hmmmm. I shop everywhere. I admit that it is hard to find cute clothes when you are a BIG girl. Forever21, Wet Seal, Torrid, Maurices, YesStyle (some times... they are somewhat overpriced), and random little boutiques & local retail shops near me. It can be a bit pricey but alot of the stores have sales ^w^

6. How do you deal with the hate?
I often get alot of hate messages about my weight & looks. I ignore it or I will write a smarta** reply for fun. It used to get to me, but I have loving family/friends that support me, as well as the fact that the people who send me the hate messages don't know me at all. I have set my mind that, these people are nobody's so why should what they say matter to me.

I do take it into consideration if it is something useful like advice on losing weight or doing makeup or wearing certain things, but if it's pure hate I just delete it. No need to keep it.

7. I like your style & the clothes you buy, do you have outfit shots or body shots?
I had a few but when I was changing my blog name & editing the post, a few didn't get saved... and back then when I started blogging, I rarely updated & look different. I promise, I will post body shots of my outfits or at least glimpses of them.

8. Are you European or Hispanic mixed? You look like it.
No, I'm not. I'm 100% asian.
My mother is full Japanese, my dad is Korean & 1/4 Thai.

9. Do you have a youtube? Do  you do vlogs/tutorials?
Yes, I do, but I don't update it much. I don't have a mic & my webcam is really bad quality.
Plus I prefer to write. It's hard for me to talk with braces... I have a metal piece on the roof of my mouth so I sound super stupid =____=

10. What is your dating preference?
I like men... although I have a girl crush on Park Kahi. LOL

11. You should do more hauls, I love seeing your hauls & reviews!
I would love to, but I'm having financial issues as of this year. School tuition is rising as well as everything else.

12. I noticed you travel alot, but why don't you blog about your travels?
I haven't traveled much in the past year or so... My parents are ill & I have to take care of them. But when I do go out of town, it's mostly due to family issues or work & it's extremely... boring so I choose not to blog about it.

13. Since you are Asian, what do you think about interracial dating? Do you date other races?
I think it's cute & I see nothing wrong with it. I've only dated asian men, but I wouldn't mind dating men from other races. I'm open minded about this.

14. I noticed you don't attend gyaru meets much... why not?
Most of the time, the meets are on days I can't leave.
San Francisco is 4 hours away
Los Angeles is 6 hours away
I don't live driving for a long amount of time, I prefer the train or a plane.
And since I also work & go to school it's hard to make time for them.

15. You dye your hair soooo much... How do you do/manage it?
I love changing my hair color. One way to keep my hair from breaking too much or falling out is by doing 1-2 hair treatments. Oils & hair masks help alot. There are also hair treatments for using before dying/perming your hair.

16. You never answered my questions... why are you avoiding me?
I'm sorry if I accidentally skipped your question/deleted it. As long as it is not overly offensive or just plain rude, I will reply. But if it's just a stupid hate message then I delete them. And, I'm not sorry if that is the case.

Hope I answered something you guys were curious about! If you have anymore questions, drop them in the comment box below!

Thanks for stopping by. See ya next time!

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