02 September 2012

보니 BONI - 너를 보내도

She is my all time favorite solo singer. Korean R&B/Soul Singer
Boni 보니
너를 보내도 (Go Around) Live w/band HD
*but I hate her facial expressions here... they are distracting. I still LOVE her tho*

A recent performance... she uses ALOT of vibratto in this & to me it's a bit much but amazing voice like always!

I can't get enough of this song...
A more laid back version of her singing  너를 보내도 

A better live on stage. I really like this one better. Her voice really is amazing! An older perf.

She shows that being all dolled up & sexy means nothing when you have ACTUAL talent. I love this woman sooo much! Her live performances are just soooo good! 

Her remake of Taeyangs - Only Look at Me 
Other than Kahi, Boni is my other girl crush >.>

Hope you liked this random post!
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  1. Between all the boy/girlbands fuckery in korea... They have an AMAZING JEWEL boni.
    I have to thank you, this woman blew my mind away 😳

    1. I do like certain boy/girlgroups, but I must say... some of them need alot of improvement. There singing is pretty bad.
      I'm glad you like Boni ^.^ Hopefully she'll have a new album out soon <3


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