26 February 2015

Wishtrend.com - Korean Makeup & Skincare

Hey loves,

[Update] Long time no see. Hope all is well. Lots of family issues lately & I've been working a lot lately. Due to some wire issues at my home, my home Internet will be down for a bit. I will be trying out posting through my phone...  Hopefully, the posts do not come out all weird.

I'm back to introduce to you guys, Wishtrend. I'm sure many of you guys know what it is.

Wishtrend is an online shop that offers the latest in Korean skincare & makeup. They also have products for the body & hair.

They currently offer free shipping throughout the U.S. & are reasonably priced for shipping for elsewhere.

I have personally purchased from this site. Great customer service & many great products to choose from. Price & variety of products is geat. So many things to choose from. The only problem I've had with them is limiting the amount of stuff I purchase. Lol.

If you are into Korean skincare & makeup, make sure to check them out.
if you'very purchased from them, make sure to comment what you like about them below!


  1. I like wishtrend :D I haven't bought off there though, but the youtube videos are nice haha

    1. Hahaha I agree, their videos are nice :D
      They are a good shop to order from ^^

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    xoxo Payton
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