27 June 2013

♙ Blog Lovin' & Blog Art♙

If you haven't heard, Google Friend Connect is shutting down.
Make sure to add me on Blog Lovin'!
When you  make an account & connect it to your blog. You will be able to import your blog feed to it easily & it looks alot neater than the Blogger dashboard.

Now onto what I have been working on. It took me an hour a day for about a week to make this. I am still a noob at graphics. I draw better on paper.

Here's my button. If you want to do a blog button exchange please tell me & I'll put your blog button on my sidebar ≧◠◡◠≦

I just made this one 28/06/13

And here is my blog signature. IDK if you can tell, but she is supposed to be a fox. lolz... I know, it sucks, but I think it looks cute & It's a huge accomplishment for me... took me forever & I'm proud of it. Her name will be 폴라리스 Polaris  since that's the name of my blog.

Made 25/06/13

I just finished making these two 28/06/13

What do you think? Ok? Pretty cute?
I'll be trying to draw some more so I get used to it. It's hard & takes alot of time, but it feels so good when it's done!

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