19 May 2013

My friends' graduation & moving on...

I had 2 of my friends graduating & another friend moving to Florida. I forgot what it was like when we all graduated from high school & went our separate ways. I'm so happy for them, but sad too. It's so bittersweet. I decided that I was going to meet up w/ L, V, and S & talk... Have a girl's talk. lol
Makeup is the usual, for hair, I just teased it, curled my bangs (they are finally growing!), & had some braids on the sides.

More selcas of me... lol

After a couple of hours chatting, blowing bubbles, & a game of apples to apple, we went out to dinner before I had to leave them.. Thinking about it, it's sad. I for sure will keep in touch, but we are all going to be busy. V is still going to be w/ me, but S & L are moving to Florida to go to school & work for DisneyWorld... (lucky jerks. lol. jk)

We went to SAKANAYA
A japanese teppanyaki restaurant, but I got sushi instead. lol
Tuna Sashimi (mine dinner) $7.50
It was sooooo delicious!!!!!!!! The price is also very cheap. Was my first time there & I am forever a customer. The freshness & size of the cut! Most restaurants slice them very thin...  
Salmon Sashimi (L's appetizer) $7.50
She loves salmon.
Calamari Tempura (my dinner) $7.50
I had to get these! I wasn't that hungry, but I love calamari! To my surprise, altho there are only 5 pieces, these were HUGE!!! I mean HUGE! They weren't greasy at all & the octopus was sooo tender. In love!  
Beef Teriyaki Bento Box (V's dinner)  about $22
It was HUGE! And the price is so cheap! The chicken & beef was so tender. It melted when it you at it. OMG! Gotta come back for one of these!
Lucky Roll (L's dinner) about $16 
Everything at the restaurant was very well presented. All the dishes were in good shape & the effort they put into it all shows. They forever have me as a customer!

I've gone to certain restaurants where I saw chipped plates, glasses for tea, & where presentation wasn't so great. The inside of the restaurant was very pretty, dim & comfortable. One side was for normal dining & another side was for the teppanyaki. The waitresses wore 小紋 (kimons). The males were all chefs. All in All, a great day w/ friends & a great dinner experience 


  1. Rina! I want your hair really reall badly!

    1. Thanks <3 Go blonde!!!! So we can be twinsies!


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