10 November 2011

☼ Circle Lenses & Lashes Questions ☼

I will be answering some questions I've been asked about circle lenses and false eyelashes. I am in no way an "expert" and it's all based from my own experience.

♔‬ Lashes ♔‬
1. How important are Japanese lash brands to achieving a gyaru look? 
The brand itself isn't as important as the style of the lashes. You can  use cheap lashes to achieve the same look. Dupes.

2. Can you suggest dupes for popular brand looks?
Dupes can be found on ebay. You can get 10 pairs for about $2-$3 or even less. Mac, NYX, Ardell, Red Cherry are all great brands and can be found locally.

3. Brands/Types of lashes?
Red Cherry
Each brand has different/similar styles
Difference can be in the length and the thickness of the rim or band


 4. how do you put on false eyelashes the correct way? 
Start by putting the lashes in the center, then the outer corner and then the inner corner.

5. what you think with be trending in the future as far as lash shape?
It will change depending on the style and individual

6. And how to coordinate colorful eyeshadow with lashes?
Lashes go with any type of makeup, depending on if you want it dramatic or a bit more natural. The lashes will just amp up your look, so don't be afraid. Try your makeup w/ different styles & color

♔‬ Lenses ♔‬ 
1. What do I need to buy in order to maintain lenses?
circle lens liquid/cleaner = Opti-Free; all purpose solution
circle lense containers/cases
contact lenses eyedrops

2. What size do you prefer for lenses? 
I prefer 14.5 mm & 15 mm. They fit my eyes perfectly.

3. What color should I start out with?
You can start out with any color of your choice. You can never go wrong with brown lenses, but try other colors like black, pink, and grey.

4. Some gaijin gals say they had to get an eye exam. Should I get one too?
I recommend you get one. To check:
 if you should get prescription or plano lenses
to see if your eyes are not going to get too irritated by the lenses
some people might be allergic to the lenses or solution, so it's best if you check 

5. How do you feel lens color affects looks? rokku vs. hime, etc.
I think it can enhance or look or it can kill it. You have to wear the right lenses for the right look. You do not want to wear red graphic lenses if you're a Hime gyaru.

6. What are your personal favorites for lenses?
I love my Bambi Series in Sesame Grey & EOS Candy Pinks

7. What you think with be trending in the future as far as lens color?
 I think no matter the lense colors or styles, it will be in style and can always be brought back into style. 

8. Do eye shapes matter? What should I do?
Eye shapes play a role, but it all depends on how your makeup is. If you have small eyes, there are lenses that will make your eyes larger (16 mm or 17 mm)

9. How should I store circle lenses?
make sure you store them in clean contact cases w/ new lense solution and in a room temperature/cool area.

10. Do circle lenses really cause damage to your eyes?
It can. If it is not properly cleaned or stored, you can get eye infection, pink eye, cuts, and even worse cases can happen. Make sure to keep your lenses clean & use clean hands!

11.  What's the easiest way to buy circle lenses I see the gyaru models wear?
Find lenses online that are identical or close to the lenses the models wear, cuz it's not always certain that the models are wearing lenses that you can purchase. Research and ask around. I'm sure you can find the style you want.

12. Can I wear any color I want?
Yes, you can wear any color/style you want, but make sure it goes w/ your style and makeup or else it will look weird/ackward.

13. I hear of a gal that wore safe lenses at the same time, is it safe?
Have your Optometrist check first. *** I do NOT recommend it tho.

14. Where can I find cute contact lense cases to store my lenses in? 
You can find cute cases on the circle lense shops online and on ebay and any other sites. They are fairly easy to find and affordable.

15. When should I put my lenses in? before or after?
BEFORE. You can get residue/fallouts on your lenses and into your eye that will cause irritation and even affections, so before your makeup.

♔‬ Videos for noob circle lens wearers ♔‬

♔‬ How to care for circle lenses ‪♔‬

♔‬ Online shops for circle lenses ♔‬

♔‬ Brands ♔‬
Barbie King Size
Neo Vision
Hana SPC

♔‬ Online shops for lashes ♔‬
Can be found on most circle lense shops online
Also on Asian Beauty online shops
Is a great site for better prices on lashes

♔‬ How to apply lashes ♔‬

If you guys have anymore question, please ask and I will answer them the best I can.
Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧ 

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