14 May 2015

εїз Circle Color Blue Lenses

Hey loves!
Is it just me or is everyone catching something lately? Almost everyone around me is sniffling and cooughing. Unfortunately, I caught it too. Had to leave from work early due to it. But it gave me a chance to actually rest and now I'm feeling so much better. Hopefully it only lasts 2-3 days since I have to go back to work soon!

Onto more important things,

KLenspop was very kind, as to send me 2 more pair of lenses to review for them. A pair of brown lenses and a pair of blue lenses. I'm going to review for you the blue lenses today since I reviewed a pair of brown ones the last post ^^

*All opinions are of my own. I am not paid to do this, so my opinions are not biased towards the company/business*

You can check out the lenses HERE

Now onto some selfies!



  1. Hahaha I think I saw a blogger do a review on the same lenses because the blue didn't show up at all! kinda strange~ but it still looks nice :D

    1. Though the blue doesn't show, I like how dark they are. It does still look nice overall. Thanks ~


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