11 September 2012

Dying Clothes Experiment (╯°_°)╯

I did the project on Sunday, Sept 9th.
I had a top & a sweater that were both accidentally bleached, which ruined them.
Both were one of my favorite pieces, but I was unable to wear them afterwards because of the hideous color they turned.

I was at Walmart w/ a friend and I randomly saw fabric dye... Made me think about saving the top & sweater. I bought two colors; red & pink.
The brand's name was Tulip. Never heard of it, but it was only $2.77 a pouch.

1. Fill bowl/stainless steel sink w/1 gallon of STEAMING HOT water.
2. Stir in 1/4 (4 tablespoons) salt.
3. Pour in dye packet and stir til dissolved.
4. Submerge fabric in dye.
5. Stir constantly for 15 min and occasionally for 45 min.
6. Rinse fabric in COLD water. Wash in WARM water then dry away from direct sunlight or heat.
* The HOTTER the water, the darker the shade of color

Helpful Hints:
ONE pack dyes up to 1/2lb of fabric (men's xtra large shirt) 
Wash SEPARATELY for the first few washes to remove excess dye. 
Most vibrant on fibers like 100% cotton, rayon, & silk
Not suitable for: pure polyester, acrylic, nylon/fabrics w/special finishes

09 September 2012

EOS Ice Green Lenses (─‿‿─)

Finally got to doing this post... took so many pics, but the weather has been really bad.
If you haven't seen the review, here IT IS!

Of topic, but CORN!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooo good! I haven't had corn in ages & my neighbor made this for me & some of the neighborhood kids 

Now, onto the lenses! I love green, but most green lenses are just too vibrant & cosplay-ish on me.
But these weren't! They blend so well & are gorgeous! Have been wearing these for about a week now!

03 September 2012

The Blue Moon & FOTD

Well... Appa & I went outside to look at the Blue Moon, since we never knew anything about it. We rarely see the moon/stars here. At night... there are still lights on everywhere. On usual days, the moon is very dim/dull unless it's a red moon.

(August 30th or 31st....)

It was sooo big & bright!!!!!!!! Felt like I could touch it! lolz

Doggy Updates & Answering Some Questions...

So sorry!!!! I can't believe I forgot to update about my dog, Julie. Thank you to those peeps that reminded me. For those who don't know the story, the EVENT that occured and the SURGERY.

Well, my babyie girl is soooo much better after her surgery! Too well. LOL. She's running around w/ her lil sister, Genie, twirling in circles, & kicking me in the gut! I'm soooo happy for her tho.
It's not back to 100% but it's around 90% good. She's able to play & live life.

(click pics to enlarge)
The bed she made... two pillows on top of the blanket xD


02 September 2012

보니 BONI - 너를 보내도

She is my all time favorite solo singer. Korean R&B/Soul Singer
Boni 보니
너를 보내도 (Go Around) Live w/band HD
*but I hate her facial expressions here... they are distracting. I still LOVE her tho*

EOS Ice in Brown Lenses o(^ω^)o

I've been updating alot recently, because later on, I won't be able to since school activities & my classes are picking up the pace ( ̄へ ̄)

 I chose to open the brown lenses first and use them ΘεΘ
Hopefully I can hold back and use these for the month of September, then open/use the other lenses... one a month.
( ^∀^)fight-oh!!!

These lenses are my first "natural" looking lenses. Other lenses that I've had or used are very vibrant & the designs are very noticeable. I'm super excited I got these tho!

*I'll only do one review, since the other lenses are the same brand & design, but I'll post pics of those lenses like I would if I were doing a review.

Don't they look gorgeous in the bottle? I'm having the urges to open the other bottles right now!