29 May 2012

» Small Eyelash Haul «

LOL. Hai everyone xD
Hope everyone is having a good summer so far.

Quick Update: My giveaway ends June 8th.
I will announce the winner on June 9th. If the winner does not contact me w/in 48 hrs, I will choose another winner.

I will send out the prizes June 13th (I'm really busy, but that day is my slow day so I will have some time)

Now... onto what the post is supposed to be about!

Airi's 1st Giveaway: Just in Time for Summer!

Airi @ Airi's Blog is having her very first giveaway! 
I'm a newer follower of her blog, but OMG! 
Right when I found her blog I fell in love! It's so flowery & pink.
She is sooo pretty, just like a doll! (no homo!)

Airi-chan is giving away korean cosmetics and masks to 2 lucky gals.

Check her blog out! =^-^=

18 May 2012

✂ My 1st Wig Review

I received my wig on May 15th. So happy! Came really fast. About a weeks or so after my friend bought it and sent it out to me. The wig is approximately 20" or 23". I'm not really sure. It's fairly longer than I expected it to be, but I LOVE IT!

It's synthetic, but heat resistant. It feels and looks like human hair.
I was actually very hesitant at first since, but since I was getting it from a friend... I kinda was like whatever about it. I knew she wouldn't get me some crappy a** wig.

I cut the bangs! I was afraid to since I never really worked w/ wigs before.
I have worn some before, but that was w/ the help of people putting it on me & styling it for me.

17 May 2012

❂ Yay! I Got It! ❂

Recently I had won a giveaway hosted by P' Nan @ Kung Suay Jung! Yay!!!! Received May 17, 2012!

I was so happy! The first giveaway I have ever won, but that's cuz I usually never enter them xD
I was actually a day late, but P'Nan actually waited for me >o<
Thank you so much ka! ♥

15 May 2012

[CLOSED] Cutie ❀ Honey - 하늘's 1st Giveaway

I'm having my very first GIVEAWAY! YAY!

It's nothing big. Just a little something for those who read my blog and have given me support ☺

✖ How To Enter:
There is a list of entries at the end of this post.
All of them are on the raffle widget.
There are a total of 17 entries.
Only 3 are mandatory.

The giveaway is named Cutie ❀ Honey because the lashes are cute and not dramatic. They are for more natural makeup. ALL OF THE PRODUCTS were purchased by me. I am in no way sponsored or affiliated w/ any company(s).


Ok to start of my post... My poster for my art appreciation class! It's done! I wanted to add more stuff, but I didn't have time so oh well. The butterflies are pop-ups! xD Can you spot all of them? The  black lace is actually lace that I had laying around so I made it as a part of her clothing. There's also deco pieces, polymer clay roses, and gold chains as part of her headpiece ^^

(click pic to enlarge)
What do you think?

09 May 2012

◊ A Cute Surprise ◊

Well, I'll be somewhat busy w/ finals and stuff, since next week is my last week of Spring 2012.
It'll be another week or so before I blog again, so this is going to be a long post.

I've been working on an art project for a day or two, but kinda messed up xD

(Click on pics to enlarge)

06 May 2012

~ School & Update ~

School is almost over! Yay!!!
Last day is May, 17th.


1. Summer vacation, I will most likely be really busy. Planning on working full time
and will be staying in Central California :( although I want to travel.
I might end up having more time to blog and more exciting stuff to talk about though, LOL.

2. I can finally do inspired makeups and experiment w/ makeup more :)

3. I'll also update on how my baby, Julie is doing and her surgery & stuff

4. My hair is now a dark peach/apricot color
I might go auburn or back to my natural hair color, brown.

5. If there are any questions or requests, please comment below ^.^

U-Kiss - Amazing
- Doradora Album -

Thanks 4 Reading! See ya next time! *:・゚✧

05 May 2012

Summer Princess Sana 1st Giveaway!

Sana-chan is having her first giveaway!

She's a Thai/Chinese gyaru living in Thailand.
She's giving away over 10 wonderful items in this giveaway!

Show her love & support by checking out her blog and following her adventures.

01 May 2012

Kung Suay Jung ~ May 2012 Giveaway - Open Internationally!

(Soooo pretty! Suay mak jing jing!)
P'Nan a.k.a Kung Suay Jung is doing a giveaway & it's international!
She is very kind and her makeup is always so gorgeous!

She does tutorials in Thai & English.
She's underrated & deserves more love & support <3
- It's a great way to learn sum Thai ;)

Check out her blog and youtube!
If you like the prizes join and show her your support!

*CLICK HER NAME TO GO TO HER BLOG or click the links below*
Nan's Blog
Nan's Youtube
Nan's Facebook